17 Jan 2019

Blair scales down Calgary consultation – not public

Canadian gun owners have been scrambling to have their voices heard during the national examination of a handgun ban process currently being conducted by Minister of Border Security & Organized Crime Bill Blair. After all, this measure literally directly targets them, and leaves criminals to their own devices. We’ve seen

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10 Jan 2019

QC Municipalities object to provincial registry – Council Motion

~Potton Township, Quebec  The Potton city council took a hard stand for Quebec hunters and gun owners at a recent public meeting held at the town hall of this border municipality. In fact, they passed a motion, unanimously, to adopt a resolution to demand the Quebec government reverse its decision

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09 Jan 2019

Canadians don’t support handgun bans and here’s why

The gun debate rages on across the country, with anti gun lobby groups PolySeSouvient and the Coalition for Gun Control spending freely to try and convince voters that Canadians support a ban on legal handguns and that gun owners are responsible for crime.  While an enormous amount of resources and

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09 Jan 2019

Goodale, RCMP heading to court for violating Access to Information Act

The CCFR has been following the saga of a Canadian citizen who is in a battle for information with the RCMP. That battle is heading to federal court, on advice from the OIC (Office of the Information Commissioner) after Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Minister Ralph Goodale refused to comply

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07 Jan 2019

Canada’s gun debate deteriorating into lies and manipulation

The war on gun owners has been heating up over the past year, with the tragic Danforth shooting sparking a nationwide debate, one that is rife with lies, data manipulation and increased violence.  Rewind back to that horrific day in Toronto. A beautiful, warm July 22 evening in Greektown. People

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03 Jan 2019

An open letter to the Quebec Premier – registry

CCFR Quebec Director Etienne Tremblay writes to the Premier of Quebec regarding the impending implementation of a provincial registry;   To the honorable François Legault, Quebec Premier, I would like to congratulate you on forming your government. The majority of firearms owners in Quebec placed their hopes in your election.

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27 Dec 2018

CCFR Sets New Standard in Firearms Advocacy

With the constant stream of attacks on legal gun owners, you can’t help but hear the grumblings on forums and social media pages across the country … everyone wants to know “what are you doing”. Since the proverbial hammer dropped on the heads of sport shooters and hunters 8 months

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14 Dec 2018

Rathjen admits – she wants all the handguns

In a bizarre statement to Hill Times reporter Tim Naumetz, Polysesouvient spokesperson Heidi Rathjen openly admits the goal of her organization is to end all civilian handgun ownership, not to target criminal use.   She was responding to a statement by the Prime Minister in Montreal last week. When the

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04 Dec 2018

The bold, new look of CCFR clothing. Wear it with pride!

Gun owners are in the fight for their lives. This requires a sophisticated, and unfortunately expensive, counter attack. Using the logo developed for our TV show, The CCFR’s Canada Down Range, we have developed a line of clothing and gear featuring a bolder, more aggressive logo and messaging. New tri-blend

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03 Dec 2018

C-71, where we stand today

As C-71 rounds the last corner in its journey into Royal Assent, there seems to be a real lack of understanding of the issues that actually relate to public safety. The bill is in second reading in the Senate and the CCFR has been spending some considerable time talking to

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