21 Sep 2016

Winner of the Ultimate Supply Drop Contest is announced!

One lucky guy from Salmon Arm, British Columbia had his dreams come true with one phone call from CCFR President Rod Giltaca. Dan North was caught off guard, but very excited to find out he won the trip, dinner with Rod and the $10 000 shopping spree at International Shooting

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08 Sep 2016

An Open Letter to Crimestoppers, London-Elgin-Middlesex

ccfr-open-letter-to-crime-stoppers-sept-8-20161073768 Crimestoppers-London-Elgin-Middlesex Facebook Post     Open Letter to Crime Stopper London-Elgin-Middlesex September 8, 2016   To Whom It May Concern, On September 8th I came across a picture of two billboards sponsored by the London-Elgin-Middlesex Crime Stoppers stating simply “Guns are the problem”.  As a gun owner and an

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19 Aug 2016

The CCFR “Ultimate Supply Drop” Contest!!

The Ultimate Supply Drop Contest Short form rules: Enter with new membership or $25 donation for current members. One entry per membership bought. Use “Ultimate Supply Drop” option under “Donate” See contest rules for no purchase entry Contest ends September 19 at 6pm Eastern Time By entering you agree that you and

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28 Jul 2016

The CCFR issues official press release on the 10/22 mag issue.

In an effort to bring attention to an issue that affects, quite possibly, hundreds of thousands of Canadians, the CCFR has issued an official press release. This went out over the news wire service this morning to thousands of news desks. CCFR Press Release    

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28 Jun 2016

The CCFR participates in a documentary on firearm ownership.

Ottawa, ON, June 22, 2016 The CCFR’s President Rod Giltaca along with Chair of the Board Tracey Wilson recently sat down with Vice Media to contribute to a documentary the group is working on about legal firearm ownership in Canada. The premise for the story is to follow the journalist

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01 May 2016

The First Annual CCFR AGM

https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/2016-first-annual-ccfr-agm-tickets-24304467316 The first Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights. The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights aims to be a strong and reputable, public-facing voice for Canadian firearms owners. We are committed to maintaining our current rights and freedoms while continuing to push as a mobilizing and

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18 Apr 2016

Bill 223 is a disgrace…

Bill-s-223- Hon. Sen. Céline Hervieux-Payette “Strengthening Canadians’ Security and Promoting Hunting and Recreational Shooting Act” On the cusp of her retirement, Sen. Hervieux-Payette has re-introduced her bill to amend the Firearms Act. This bill is short on substance and long on word play. The title is the only part that

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14 Mar 2016

We have a winner

Congratulations to Kevin Bourk, winner of the CCFR’s Ultimate Choice Gun Giveaway. Package value: $7,995.

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01 Feb 2016

Ultimate Choice Gun Giveaway

The Ultimate Choice Gun Giveaway Short form rules: $25 donation to enter Use “Ultimate Gun Giveaway” option under “Donate” See contest rules for no purchase entry Contest ends March 1st. at 6pm Eastern Time By entering you agree that your name may be seen in a video online By entering you

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15 Jan 2016

Current petitions that are important to sign…

We currently have 3 important petitions that are being presented by members of parlement and the national assembly of Quebec… It is important to unite our voices and tell government our concerns… The three petitions: The AR-15 petition! Here we petition the government to remove the restricted classification of the

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