22 Nov 2018

Conservative Leader begins releasing plans to combat crime

Amidst the Liberal hyperbole of C-71 and the talks and “examinations” of various types of gun bans, out comes Andrew Scheer with the first two pillars of his plan to combat actual crime and violence. This topic has been captivating the media and Canadians from all sides of this debate.

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17 Nov 2018

Lynda Kiejko, a superstar endorsement for the CCFR Women’s Calendar

If you don’t already know all about Lynda, here’s the background; Lynda Keijko comes from a shooting family. Her late father Bill Hare competed in 3 Olympics and her sister Dorothy Ludwig became an Olympian in 2012. Lynda started shooting at the age of 11 in the hopes of following

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14 Nov 2018

Ajax Town Hall – a meltdown to remember

  ~Ajax, ON November 13, 2018 Our very own Tracey Wilson, registered lobbyist for the CCFR, made the trek from Ottawa to Ajax Ontario to attend the “open forum” town hall meeting hosted by MP Mark Holland. You may recognize the name from the infamous “Turf Mark Holland” campaign that

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06 Nov 2018

Jim Shockey descends on Ottawa to oppose C71, handgun ban

Canada’s biggest name in hunting spent some time in Ottawa this week meeting with government officials to discuss the government’s recent legislation, C-71 which is currently in the Senate stage, as well as the proposed ban on handguns and “assault rifles” – a term not yet even defined. Jim also

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05 Nov 2018

As Trudeau Gov’t studies a ban on handguns, CFAC vice chair wins Olympic spot

The last few days of competition at the Championship for the Americas in Guadalajara, Mexico have been absolutely riveting for Team Canada. Superstars Lynda Kiejko and Allan Harding have been representing the “true north strong and free” in fine form, winning quota spots on both the 2019 Pan American Games

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05 Nov 2018

Rod Giltaca attends “consultation” on handgun ban

Recently, our very own Rod Giltaca was invited to attend one of the 8 consultations being hosted by Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Bill Blair. While there was one held on October 22 in Vancouver, which is local to Rod, he was invited to the one held

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26 Oct 2018

Who is “Canada’s Gun Lobby”? – the evil connotations vs. the truth

The media and the gun grabber lobby have been having a great time painting firearms rights advocates as some sort of evil characters, lurking in the hallways of parliament and selling guns to small children. Anyone with rational thought knows that’s just simply not the truth. So what is the

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22 Oct 2018

CCFR Parliamentary Press Conference on handgun ban

On October 17, 2018 the CCFR’s Rod Giltaca & Tracey Wilson held a parliamentary press conference in the Charles Lynch room in center block to represent Canadian gun owners as they speak out about the potential of a Liberal ban on handguns and “assault weapons” and the conducting of their

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15 Oct 2018

The CCFR descends on Ottawa to address gun ban, survey

~Ottawa, Monday October 15, 2018 Today is a big day for Canadian gun owners. The CCFR’s CEO & Executive Director Rod Giltaca arrives in Ottawa to join VP of Public Relations and registered in-house lobbyist Tracey Wilson, to address the Trudeau government’s interest in a handgun ban and related “public

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11 Oct 2018

Public Safety launches “public consultations” on handgun ban

~Ottawa, October 11, 2018 The government of Canada is conducting it’s “public consultations” of a ban on handguns and “assault weapons” across the country. There will be two phases of this examination; an online “engagement” questionnaire DO THE QUESTIONNAIRE   and … In-person stakeholder engagement sessions will be taking place across

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