15 Mar 2017

Rod Giltaca speaks to Rick Peterson, CPC Leadership Candidate

CCFR President Rod Giltaca took some time to sit down (virtually) with CPC Leadership Candidate Rick Peterson to discuss his unique vision for Canadian firearms owners and what the future would look like under a Peterson government. The CCFR is committed to bringing their membership, and the community at large, the

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01 Mar 2017

Rod Giltaca interviews Maxime Bernier on his firearms platform

    Recently, CPC Leadership Candidate Maxime Bernier and his team reached out to CCFR President Rod Giltaca. The mandate of the CCFR is to engage in firearm discussions when and where they occur. Max and Rod sat down to discuss Bernier’s firearms platform and what it really means for

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05 Jan 2017

CCFR Press Release for “Explainer Video” series

The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights issued a Marketwired press release on January 4th, 2017 over the news wire service to announce the launch of a new and innovative advocacy project. The “Explainer Video” series will be a set of short (roughly 2 minutes) videos that will drill down into an issue

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21 Sep 2016

Winner of the Ultimate Supply Drop Contest is announced!

One lucky guy from Salmon Arm, British Columbia had his dreams come true with one phone call from CCFR President Rod Giltaca. Dan North was caught off guard, but very excited to find out he won the trip, dinner with Rod and the $10 000 shopping spree at International Shooting

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20 Nov 2015

Call for volunteers…

Call for volunteers…

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27 Sep 2015

Previous update…

A few words as we prepare the launch of the Coalition…  

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21 Sep 2015

The Legal Truth Part 3 – How Are Firearms Classified?

How are firearms classified… a convoluted system explained by Rod Giltaca… Great video…

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14 Sep 2015

How do you get a gun in Canada

Video by Rod Giltaca on the process of obtaining a firearm in Canada.

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17 Aug 2015

Gun Myths- Part 1: More Guns Equal More Death

Gun Myths- Part 1: More Guns Equal More Death A great presentation from Rod Giltaca on why more guns does not equal more violence… 

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