16 Sep 2018

Firearm Rights are a Women’s Issue

In a recent opinion piece in the Toronto Star titled Gun Control is a Women’s Issue, YWCA CEO Heather McGregor uses gender to imply Canadian women may meet their peril at the hands of sport shooters. This comes as no surprise to anyone, with the recent string of lies that have been

13 Sep 2018

Why the Truth Matters: The Politicization of Gun Control

CCFR Member submission – author: Nicholas Hrynchuk Why does the truth matter? To solve an issue you need to be truthful about the cause. As people we base our opinions on the information we take in which in turn influences how we vote. This then leads to government policies and

10 Sep 2018

Gun Control Agenda Lies Exposed

It started with a statement from Toronto Police Services Chief, Mark Saunders, and has caused the biggest debate on gun control ever seen in Canada. The problem is … it was all a lie. It was a lie that Toronto Mayor John Tory was quick to latch on to and

03 Sep 2018

Controlling the narrative – CCFR does nationwide CBC syndication

Friday morning was a busy one at the CCFR. Rod Giltaca and Tracey Wilson took on the mother of all media blitzes with a staggering 23 CBC affiliate interviews in 3.5 hours. Combine this with the other 3 interviews Rod did in that 24hr period and you’ve got yourself a

28 Aug 2018

CCFR official statement on C-71, Blair mandate letter

-Ottawa, August 28, 2018 The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights is the voice of Canadian gun owners across the nation, in the media, in Ottawa and in the general public. The CCFR supports measures with a demonstrable, positive effect on public safety. In a mandate letter from the Prime Minister’s

28 Aug 2018

Minister Bill Blair to lead examination of national handgun ban

-Ottawa, August 28, 2018 In the official mandate letter to newly appointed Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Bill Blair, the Prime Minister’s office has instructed Blair to lead an examination into a national ban on handguns and assault weapons while not “impeding the lawful use of firearms by

26 Aug 2018

Sink C-71: The Ultimate Choice Contest 2

THE CCFR NEEDS YOUR HELP SINKING C-71!! Canadian gun owners are once again being targeted by useless legislation! The Liberals have set a course to further regulate us, while ignoring crime and the CCFR needs your help to sink C-71! You can join in the fight and get in on

16 Aug 2018

CALL TO ACTION!! What can you do?

The federal Trudeau government is convening together for their annual Summer Cabin Retreat early next week in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Canada’s elites will gather for a posh getaway and we can guarantee the topic of a gun ban will be on the table along with the china and champagne. Recent tragedies