24 Jun 2018

An open letter to Heidi Rathjen on C-71

Heidi and I agree on something, finally! “Bill C-71 is devoid of any bold measures to combat the upward trends of gun-related crime, homicides and suicides” (from her June 18/2018 opinion piece in the Hill Times). READ IT That is where any type of agreement ends however. The disdain for legal

18 Jun 2018

C-71; Nathalie’s Bill

As C-71 continues it’s path through the House of Commons and on to the Senate, Canadians across the nation can’t help but notice the bias and bizarre behaviour of those charged with crafting and pushing this legislation. The roots of this bill run deep with the anti-gun lobby group Poly Remembers.

12 Jun 2018

CCFR AGM – results and overview

The leadership team of the CCFR descended on beautiful Gatineau, Quebec this past weekend joined by members and volunteers from across the country. The two day event saw a mix of official corporate business and an appreciation day at the range for field officers and volunteers followed by a social.

05 Jun 2018

Mark Holland calls gun owners “thugs” in Parliament

The House of Commons was operating late on Monday night in anticipation of the clause-by-clause reading of BILL C-71 which began today, Tuesday June 5, 2018. Debate went late, approaching midnight in Ottawa. The topic of firearms legislation has sent the country into a state of over-polarization with outlandish claims and

25 May 2018

Some things never change – CCFR testifies against C-71

The CCFR sent two delegates to the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security yesterday to voice our opposition of bill C-71. C.E.O. & Executive Director Rod Giltaca and V.P. of Public Relations & registered lobbyist Tracey Wilson appeared before committee as witnesses to provide testimony on the analysis and

09 May 2018

CCFR to testify at SECU on C-71

The CCFR has big news to announce. Since Bill C-71 was introduced in the House of Commons, the CCFR has been tirelessly advocating against this draconian legislation on behalf of law abiding gun owners. The outpouring of support we have seen over the last few weeks from our members –

05 May 2018

Experts weigh in, C-71 is a failure to Canadians

With just days to go before SECU, The Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security, begins the committee stage of the bill, many experts in the field of firearms legislation have weighed in on C-71. The results are in … C-71 is a complete failure, both in improving public safety

17 Apr 2018

2018 CCFR AGM Announced!!

The CCFR is honoured to invite its members to the 3rd Annual General Meeting The Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are pleased to welcome our members to the 2018 CCFR Annual General Meeting of the Members in beautiful Gatineau, Quebec on Saturday June 9, 2018. Gatineau, officially Ville de