30 Nov 2020

CCFR files Injunction Motion – Gun Ban

Re CCFR v Canada – Injunction Application We promised you the largest and most complete case in favour of Canadian firearm owners that has ever been done, and we meant it. On November 27, 2020 we served on the government our Motion Record in support of our application for an

23 Nov 2020

National Police Federation opposes Liberal gun ban, call to action

In a Canada-wide press release issued today, the National Police Federation came out in full opposition to the Liberals May 1 gun ban by OIC. The National Police Federation is the sole, certified bargaining agent for the RCMP, representing over 20,000 members nation-wide. The National Police Federation is the largest

19 Nov 2020

CCFR files objection to biased witness

CCFR v Canada – UPDATE As you may know, longtime RCMP firearms lab and prohibition planner Murray Smith has been proposed by the government to be a key witness in the federal court case the CCFR has filed to stop the May 1 OIC gun ban. In objection to this

19 Oct 2020

The Science Is In – More Guns Does Not Equal More Crime

Reviewing a 2015 study, it appears what we all believed was true, is indeed fact. The prevalence or rate of ownership of legal guns has no correlation to the rate of crimes, and specifically homicide, as discovered by Professor Gary Kleck PhD – an unlikely advocate of firearms owners. Kleck

19 Oct 2020

New Doc Study “tainted” evidence

A new study by a group of Canadian doctors, and published in CMAJ, speaks to firearm related injuries, a problem with relatively low numbers. But what’s really interesting in this new study is the blatant lack of transparency combined with their failure to disclose a conflict of interest. CMAJ knows

01 Oct 2020

Confiscation woes mount for Liberals

As many of you know, the Liberal government had introduced a tender, looking for an outsourced company to bid on, build, manage and implement their confiscation regime from the May 1 OIC gun ban. That tender resulted in literally NOBODY bidding on it, and was cancelled. The program now sits

28 Sep 2020

CCFR Legal Update; Injunction Filed

From the head of our legal team, CCFR General Counsel Michael Loberg; CCFR et al v Canada Update I owe you an update, and here it is. The CCFR legal team has been incredibly busy and very productive. On the other hand, the Government of Canada has been obstructive and

21 Sep 2020

CCFR – colossal advertising campaign

The CCFR has had a very busy year so far. We’ve embarked on the largest, most complete and complex federal court challenge on behalf of gun owners in the history of this country, to fight the gun ban. We’ve gathered upwards of 5000 supporters on the steps of parliament and