14 Jul 2020

JCCF backs CCFR court challenge

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has announced their official intention to intervene in the CCFR’s court challenge against the OIC gun ban. The JCCF is a public interest, non-partisan law firm and registered charity that provides pro bono legal representation to protect the rights and freedoms of all Canadians.

07 Jul 2020

Cukier’s motion to intervene – CCFR court challenge

A mini update from CCFR General Counsel Michael Loberg;  Re: CCFR et al v Canada et al We promised we would share the Coalition for Gun Control’s intervenor application as soon as we were able, and now we are able… so here it is. Fair warning, it’s likely to aggravate

26 Jun 2020

Coalition for Gun Control to intervene in CCFR court case

~Ottawa, June 26, 2020 The Coalition for Gun Control, a radical anti-gun lobby group has served the CCFR notice that they intend to apply for intervenor status in our court case against the Liberal’s OIC gun ban. The CGC’s president Wendy Cukier has been quoted saying some of the most

29 May 2020

CCFR appeals to Provincial AG’s – gun ban

Today the CCFR invited the Attorneys General of every province and territory to join our action to argue the CCFR’s case arguing against “…the constitutional validity, applicability or operability of an Act of Parliament … or of regulations made under such an Act…” (Federal Court Act s. 57). Have a

26 May 2020

Legal Action FILED – will you help?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: -May 26, 2020, Calgary Today the CCFR filed an Application in Federal Court in opposition to the recent firearm ban announced by the minority Liberal government on May 1. This ban was brought into effect by an Order in Council made by the Governor in Council amending

25 May 2020

Cops Reject Liberal Gun Ban, Support CCFR

Opposition to the Liberal gun grab is growing, and that includes from law enforcement at every level – something the Liberals didn’t take into account. On May 1, Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair held a press conference where they outright lied to Canadians and used a terrible tragedy to do

21 May 2020

An Open Letter from Law Enforcement re: Gun Ban

Law enforcement colleagues, Much has been said in recent weeks by politicians on both sides of the gun debate, by members of the public and by media pundits. Little has been said publicly by those of us who are professionally engaged and trained in the business of public safety. That

20 May 2020

CCFR Legal Team – Comprehensive & Exhaustive

The CCFR continues to take all available steps to protect the interests of Canada’s firearm owners. As we finalize our filing for Federal Court to challenge both the OIC as well the recent RCMP “ban by FRT”, on all available grounds including but not limited to Constitutional grounds, the CCFR