26 Aug 2018

Sink C-71: The Ultimate Choice Contest 2

THE CCFR NEEDS YOUR HELP SINKING C-71!! Canadian gun owners are once again being targeted by useless legislation! The Liberals have set a course to further regulate us, while ignoring crime and the CCFR needs your help to sink C-71! You can join in the fight and get in on

16 Aug 2018

CALL TO ACTION!! What can you do?

The federal Trudeau government is convening together for their annual Summer Cabin Retreat early next week in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Canada’s elites will gather for a posh getaway and we can guarantee the topic of a gun ban will be on the table along with the china and champagne. Recent tragedies

16 Aug 2018

Are they coming for your guns?

Guns owners across the country watch in dismay as politicians at every level of government have begun the usual, disgusting practice of using a tragedy and its victims for political posturing. Mayor John Tory from Toronto, who once called out a councillor who suggest a gun ban, has now begun

28 Jul 2018

Gun owners are not a risk – Insurance industry

There has been a lot of talk lately about the danger of owning guns. We thought we’d take a hard look at the facts since it seems gun owners are always targeted after a criminal commits a violent act. Are sport shooting and hunting a “dangerous” sport? Do gun owners

25 Jul 2018

TO Officials floundering, desperation sets in

Toronto City Council voted on a motion to ban the sale of handguns and “handgun ammunition” within Toronto city limits 41-4. This ridiculous spectacle played out on social media as councillors and the mayor flail around publicly, unable to cope with the mounting gang violence and the public outrage after

24 Jul 2018

50% of crime guns did not come from legal gun owners

As the narrative shifts in the coverage of the tragic shooting in Toronto, we see a desperate attempt to maintain a connection to gun control. News outlets across the country are reporting some numbers out of the Toronto Police Services officials, claiming that 50% of crime guns originated with law

23 Jul 2018

Violence continues while Law Enforcement waits for resources

As Canadians, gun owners across the country are outraged at the continued violence that plagues the streets of urban centres like Toronto. The Minister of Public Safety formally announced the funding promise born out of the 2015 election platform, that aims to provide much needed resources to law enforcement agencies

18 Jul 2018

Bill Blair appointed to new Minister position for guns, gangs & borders

~ Ottawa, July 18, 2018 Trudeau’s last cabinet shuffle of the current sitting government was done today at Rideau Hall in Ottawa to a packed house. In a move that is rather significant, Trudeau created 5 new cabinet positions including the “Minister of Border Security & Organized Crime Reduction”, which