02 Jul 2019

Wolverine Days 2019 – a success by any measure

The small town of Virden, Manitoba saw an influx of people the weekend of June 22-23. The population of Virden barely breaches 3000 people, yet in this tiny, beautiful Manitoba gem of a town, over 2500 people attended the 9th annual session of “Wolverine Days”, a community-minded, live fire, charity

18 Jun 2019

Minister Blair – Coward or Con Man?

Today in a statement to the press, Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Bill Blair said he would leave the decision to ban handguns to the provinces and municipalities and would forge ahead with a ban on legally acquired modern sporting rifles … the ones he calls “assault-style” –

05 Jun 2019

An Open Letter to the NFA – June 5, 2019

The National Firearms Association sent a letter containing the following verbiage, to the CCFR on April 2, 2019. The NFA claims that the CCFR’s logo is a damaging infringement upon their “No Compromise” logo. The NFA’s letter demanded the following:     1. That you immediately cease and desist from offering

05 Jun 2019

2019 CCFR AGM – a complete success!

Another AGM goes down in the books for the CCFR, on a year that saw incredible growth, firsts for the firearms community and an unprecedented attack on gun owners. 2018 was indeed a year of action. C-71 captivated gun owners of every type and resulted in historic levels of opposition

28 May 2019

C-71 passes in spite of it all.

Over a year of debate, questions, answers, non answers, witnesses, letters, e-mails, calls, speakers culminated in a single whipped vote today as C-71 passed in the Senate Chambers. The Standing Committee on National Security & Defence that studied this bill heard from 81 expert witnesses and debated for over 30

21 May 2019

Gun bans, OIC’s and what YOU can do. A Call to Action!!

Well, it’s painfully clear the Liberals have completely given up on doing anything credible or effective to combat crime. Here we are, in the eleventh hour with a government deep in scandals and controversy, desperate to change the channel on their plummeting ratings, weeks before the writ will drop on

13 May 2019

Questions you should ask in the Gun Debate – Member Submission

Questions You Should Ask in the Gun Debate Written by H.S. Huang Edited by J.J. Song   When people are scared enough, they will gladly trade their freedom for a false sense of security. And this false sense of security will end up costing them more dearly then they ever

10 May 2019

UPDATED! Sweeping gun bans? Political diversion tactic or truth

In Question Period on Thursday May 9, 2019 MP Tony Clement posed a question to the Trudeau government, stating that a “source” informed him that the Prime Minister is planning to announce a sweeping gun ban in June when he attends the “Women Deliver Conference” in BC. Clement claims this