01 Apr 2020

The resurrection of Ralph

He’s back!!! Long time Regina, Saskatchewan MP Ralph Goodale lost his seat in the 2019 federal election to newcomer Michael Kram of the Conservatives by well over 10 000 votes. This massive loss sent a wave of devastation through the Liberal party, as Ralph was always beyond loyal to the

03 Mar 2020

Canada’s gun culture & industry flourish despite Liberals

This is going to be a long one. I hope it brings some critical thinking to those crafting laws in this country. When the Liberals won a majority in 2015, gun owners across the country were on the edge of their seat, hoping they would not be the target of

22 Feb 2020

CCFR & SWF – Partnership Announcement

~ Weyburn, Saskatchewan BREAKING!! As the members of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation emerge from their 91st Annual Convention in beautiful Weyburn, Saskatchewan, the sun is shining on the prairie province a little brighter for law abiding gun owners and hunters. A collaborative partnership was born today at the annual convention,

29 Jan 2020

E-2341 becomes most signed petition in history

OTTAWA: Canadians are speaking their minds to this government using the government’s own tool, parliamentary e-petitions. Parliamentary e-petition E-2341 has soared into first place for the most signed government e-petition in Canadian history, and with good reason. During the last federal election, the Trudeau Liberals vowed to ban many semi

28 Jan 2020


TORONTO – A meeting of the minds between mayors of the GTA and various Police Chiefs has resulted in a policy document with a list of various measures they support to combat the gang violence that has been plaguing their cities. Toronto Mayor John Tory published the list on social

14 Jan 2020

SK joins AB, ON in opposing gun bans

Opposition to the federal Liberals plans to pursue a handgun ban is mounting as provinces join the voices of law enforcement who have stated a ban on legal guns isn’t the answer to tackling rising violent crime across the country. The Saskatchewan government is asking the feds to reconsider multiple

02 Jan 2020

Charest for CPC Leader? Kiss your guns goodbye

The CPC saw some great successes with the last federal election, gaining 22 seats and the most votes across the country, but due to our electoral system it wasn’t enough to win. CPC Leader Andrew Scheer battled through some issues that plagued him and eventually resigned as leader two weeks

20 Dec 2019

Unofficial CDPG response – Charity Challenge

  The CCFR has received an acknowledgement of sorts from the Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns concerning our “$15,000 to Charity Challenge”. Dr. Alan Drummond of Perth Ontario is a member of the Executive Team as listed on the group’s website. We aren’t sure if Dr. Drummond is authorized