29 Sep 2019

Liberals put an $800 price tag on your legal rifles

In a Facebook live video, The CCFR’s Tracey Wilson unpacks the Liberal’s plan to confiscate and buy back a quarter of a million legally acquired rifles at a mere $800 a piece. Watch the Video: https://www.facebook.com/tracey.wilson.31337/videos/10157539836344696/ In an earlier interview, Minister of Organized Crime and Border Security Bill Blair said if

24 Sep 2019

Guns bans, forced confiscations, nothing on actual crime – Liberal policy

This week has been a tough one for Canada’s most law-abiding, heavily vetted community – gun owners. In a desperate attempt to change the channel on a scandal-laden leader, the Trudeau Liberals announced their radical firearms platform. Here are the measures the Liberals will implement if re-elected: a complete ban

17 Sep 2019

Blair still flirting with central storage – a criminals dream

This morning Minister of Border Security & Organized Crime Bill Blair was joined by Conservative candidate Tom Dingwall and NDP Candidate Andrew Cash for a three-way debate on The CBC’s The Current. The debate went back and forth between the Minister, a former Police Chief and bureaucrat and Dingwall, a

17 Sep 2019

Intellectual Malpractice – dissecting the lies of the lobby doctors

Early in 2019, lobby and advocacy group Doctors for Protection from Guns, went on the offensive against law abiding firearm owners; declaring: “the medical and social science evidence supporting common sense gun laws is overwhelming and irrefutable.” They also made the dramatic and specific call: “Senators, it is time to

03 Sep 2019

Culture War – The Gun Culture in Canada

From the brilliant mind of Bryan Moir … Culture War –The Gun Culture Everyday Canadians go about their lives unaware that many of their co-workers, friends and people they see at the mall or at the doctor are members of the gun culture. Firearms owners come in all colours, shapes

28 Aug 2019

CCFR files complaint with CBC Ombudsman, Minister of Heritage

With the support of its members, the CCFR was able to answer a long-standing question; is Canadian media biased against the ownership of firearms and the people who own them? The answer is yes. It is now an established and irrefutable fact. If you haven’t seen the study or the

15 Aug 2019

Media Bias Report – CCFR exclusive

The popular consensus among firearm owners is that the Canadian media has on the whole a bias against firearm rights and for gun control measures. The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights has commissioned this report to identify the qualities and scope of this bias. The study isolated the Canadian Broadcasting

17 Jul 2019

The problem with Provost, and her idealogues – Partanen

by Dave Partanen Nathalie Provost is a victim, no question about it. As I’ve said many times, and as I opened with during my Senate testimony, I grieve with all victims of violence, their families, and loved ones, whether they suffer life-altering or life-ending casualties. I don’t wish those circumstances