28 Mar 2019

CALL TO ACTION: a Media Experiment for Gun Owners

The gun control debate intensifies as gun grabbers bask in the glory of the media’s embrace. Minister of Border Security & Organized Crime Bill Blair is late with his presentation of recommendations to the federal government resulting from the “invite only” public consultations surrounding the examination of a full ban

22 Mar 2019

Gun Bans could make for easy distraction for sinking Liberals

Things here in Ottawa have been anything but boring as of late … With the Liberal party, and more directly it’s leader Justin Trudeau, embroiled in a very public scandal over the SNC Lavalin affair and the constant shuffling of cabinet due to a stream of resignations, the party is

08 Mar 2019

Victim status, engaged. – lobby doctors

On a warm summer evening in Toronto on the Danforth, people were enjoying the pleasantries of a July night out. Sipping lattes at cafes, doing some shopping, meeting with friends and family. The kind of sultry summer nights we thrive on in Ontario in contrast to the bitter cold of

20 Feb 2019

Andre Picard-media distrust, a well-earned perception

The state of discourse around guns in Canada has never been healthy, but why? Anyone with a laptop and an internet connection is an instant expert, and Canada’s mainstream media has commonly been an advocate of a fact-free debate. The birds are coming home to roost. In a damp corner,

15 Feb 2019

VIDEO: Gun Control battle with doctors intensifies

The Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns and its followers continue to double down. They’ve even shocked us with their behavior…and we’ve seen it all. Rod Giltaca reacts to the lies, the divisive identity politics and the irrational, bad behaviour of the lobby doctors. Watch and share.  

15 Feb 2019

Doctors oppose anti gun lobby doctors position

There has been an intensified conflict on social media between a small group (6) physicians who are calling for a complete ban on handguns for licensed sport shooters in an attempt to reduce the violence in our streets. This position has been met with considerable opposition, which is understandable as

13 Feb 2019

Lobby Doctors erode trust with political activism – CALL TO ACTION

Call To Action #2: Do they really have the endorsement for their radical political activism from our medical associations? Let’s find out. It is critical to the health of our relationships with our medical practitioners that Canadians are not judged or attacked merely for their legal sporting activities. In their

12 Feb 2019

VIDEO: Doctors declare themselves firearms policy experts

CCFR CEO & Executive Director Rod Giltaca addresses the brand new lobby doctors group “Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns” in this update video. This is a must-watch video for those trying to understand the bizarre behaviour of this small group of physicians.