12 Feb 2019

Banning firearms has no effect on homicide/suicide – Dr. Mirza

With a small but boisterous group of “anti gun lobby” doctors seeking “protection from guns”, we thought we would consult the experts in these areas. The following testament was provided by Dr. Rida Mirza, child & adolescent psychiatrist from London, ON. Dr. Mirza has done extensive research in the areas

06 Feb 2019

Meanwhile, let’s work on crime – Community/Lobby groups

This article is a little late in its production, but it’s likely one of the most impactful and important projects the CCFR has done to date. On a cold winter Sunday afternoon, a group of unlikely teammates made history. The vitriol and mud slinging by folks with opposing views on contentious

05 Feb 2019

Doctors use their credentials to attack legal gun owners

Doctors across Canada do important work – vital work. They treat society’s sick, injured and helpless under some of the most stressful and taxing conditions. They should be respected and appreciated … as doctors. What this doesn’t make them, is policy experts on contentious issues outside their area of expertise.

29 Jan 2019

Media Bias: CBC Radio Canada pulls fact-based gun series

In a bizarre move, Radio Canada (CBC) pulled two parts of a four part series on the national gun debate from their website this week, “The Gun Debate in Canada” by Marc Montgomery. This series was taking a factual, almost technical look at the misinformation and rhetoric surrounding what has

17 Jan 2019

Goodale’s Files: Failure – Guns, Borders and now RCMP

Minister Goodale has served a long career in politics, and with recent file hand-off’s Canadians are left wondering if that career should sail off into the sunset. Earlier last year the federal government introduced a brand new Ministry and bureaucratic position for ex-cop turned MP Bill Blair – Minister of

17 Jan 2019

Blair scales down Calgary consultation – not public

Canadian gun owners have been scrambling to have their voices heard during the national examination of a handgun ban process currently being conducted by Minister of Border Security & Organized Crime Bill Blair. After all, this measure literally directly targets them, and leaves criminals to their own devices. We’ve seen

10 Jan 2019

QC Municipalities object to provincial registry – Council Motion

~Potton Township, Quebec  The Potton city council took a hard stand for Quebec hunters and gun owners at a recent public meeting held at the town hall of this border municipality. In fact, they passed a motion, unanimously, to adopt a resolution to demand the Quebec government reverse its decision

09 Jan 2019

Canadians don’t support handgun bans and here’s why

The gun debate rages on across the country, with anti gun lobby groups PolySeSouvient and the Coalition for Gun Control spending freely to try and convince voters that Canadians support a ban on legal handguns and that gun owners are responsible for crime.  While an enormous amount of resources and