Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights

15-8 Sport Shooting




Policy Memorandum No.:


Last Reviewed:

16 July 2019


The shooting sports must be promoted and encouraged among all Canadians. This includes eliminating unnecessary barriers to ranges being constructed and operated, both public and private.


The CCFR believes that sport shooting is one of the safest recreational sports, having a lower risk of injury than hockey, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, rugby, etc. The CCFR strongly believes in encouraging all persons to try the shooting sports and to develop the next generation of sport shooters.

While the CCFR believes in having national standards for range construction and requiring ranges to be inspected and approved by the CFOs, the requirements for approval should not be so onerous as to prevent individuals with sufficient land from setting up small, private, ranges on their own property for their own use and that of their invited guests. Approvals should be “shall issue” unless specific and detailed reasons for non-approval are given, and such non- approval should be reviewable in Court.

The CCFR believes that sport shooting should be promoted in all its forms, including elite athlete programming, development of officials, etc., including access to the same kinds of subsidizing and funding as athletes in other sports.

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