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Firearm Legal Defence Insurance

This insurance is available in two levels, which we offer at a discounted rate for our members.


The plan coverages include:

  • For charges stemming from improper use, storage, transportation, display or handling of a firearm or bow
  • Should your firearms license be suspended, revoked cancelled or declined to be renewed
  • Should you be injured by someone with a firearm or bow and need legal representation for a bodily injury claim
  • Family extension available for households with spouse and all dependent children under 25 who also have their PAL/RPAL
  • *NEW* Work Extension now available to cover claims for individuals who use a firearm for their work
  • UNLIMITED Telephone Legal Advice is included with every policy for any personal legal matter, not just firearms questions. This is a free service and using it does not affect your policy as a claim.

Firearm Legal Defence is just $95year. As a member of the CCFR you receive a $10 discount as follows:

Level one is the Regular membership at $85 per annum. This covers up to a $250,000 limit per claim.

Level two is the Plus membership at $185 per annum. This covers up to a $1,000,000 limit per claim.

You can find the application and discount code by clicking the image below:

Read the Policy: Legal Defence Policy For Gun Owners

For More Information on Firearm Legal Defence Click Here

We also offer a Legal Services Bundle as an additional option. 

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