2019 Public Safety Study - Canadians don't want gun bans

January 26, 2023

2019 Public Safety Study - Canadians don't want gun bans

Canadians have experienced 3 gun bans in 3 years under this Liberal government. Yet gang violence is up a whopping 92% since the Liberals took power and violent crime in general has grown 33% (1/3) in that same time period.

The Liberal record on public safety speaks for itself. It's been a failure.

So, why does this government continue to attack licensed, RCMP vetted gun owners while at the same time softening sentences for violent, repeat offenders? The anti gun groups try and paint average Canadians as stupid. They tote small, paid polling as "evidence" that our citizens are asking for gun bans. Are they?

Public Safety Canada did the broadest study on this topic in history in 2019. It's called "Engagement Summary Report - Reducing Violent Crime: A dialogue on handguns and "assault style" firearms.


So let's review ...

"Should more be done to limit access to handguns?" = 81% said no

"Should more be done to limit access to *assault weapons*?" (yes, we know. This is a loaded question). But still - 77% of Canadians sad no.

When asked what should be done, 78% of Canadians said the focus should be on illicit guns, while 0% of Canadians wanted the focus solely on legal gun and their owners.

This sample was made with the answers from 134,917 questionnaire respondents, making it the largest study of it's kind.

Consider taking some time to read the study yourself and see what Canadians are thinking.

So why do the Liberals seem intent on continuing the war on gun owners? Why do they turn a blind eye to violent criminals, smuggled guns and soften sentencing for offenders?

It's time for change.

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