ALBERTA!! Call to Action!!! We need you.

March 24, 2021

ALBERTA!! Call to Action!!! We need you.

As you may be aware, the federal government under Justin Trudeau tabled C-21, An Act to Amend certain Acts and to make certain consequential Amendments. 

Within that bill is what the Liberals are referring to as their "municipal handgun ban", which in reality is a change to the conditions of a legal owners license in regards to storage and transport of restricted firearms, in accordance with a municipal bylaw. Which means, this "handgun ban" only applies to legal, licensed gun owners and unlicensed criminals are literally exempt. 

Many provinces see this as a huge overstep of the federal government, trying to circumvent the powers of the province, who have jurisdiction over municipalities. Saskatchewan was the first to pass a law prohibiting their municipalities from enacting this kind of bylaw. Alberta has followed with MLA Michaela Glasgo's Private Members Bill 211, which has since been made a government bill. This bill would protect the property rights of Alberta gun owners.


The UCP does have enough votes to pass this without the help of their NDP counterparts, but would still appreciate their support. In recent conversations about the bill, NDP MLA's have been overheard saying that nobody wants this kind of protection - well, we disagree.

We believe there are lots of Alberta gun owners who don't want to be discriminated against in their city or town simply for being a legal gun owner. 

Let's flood the Alberta NDP MLA's with the knowledge that we exist, and we want them to support C-211 to protect Alberta's legal gun owners.

Copy and paste the following email address list into an email - they are already separated with a semi colon so should populate well:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Just drop them a short, concise, polite note letting them know that yes, Albertans ARE asking for this and it matters. They MUST vote to support the bill and end the attack on legal gun owners.

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