Alberta joins CCFR court battle

September 26, 2022

Alberta joins CCFR court battle

In a press conference today, Alberta Attorney General Tyler Shandro and CFO Dr. Teri Bryant laid out the steps they're taking to protect Alberta gun owners from federal Liberal gun bans. The Alberta government released information that they had received a letter from Federal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino asking for their help to confiscate legally acquired guns from Albertans.


There are two main parts to this new reaction to the massive overreach by the Liberals when it comes to punishing licensed gun owners:

  1. The Alberta government, with jurisdiction under Article 23 of the Police Services Agreement, has instructed the Alberta RCMP not to aid the government or participate in the confiscation of legally acquired, but recently banned guns. Basically, banning the RCMP from helping Federal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino take our guns
  2. The CCFR is proud to confirm the Alberta Attorney General has applied to intervene in our federal court challenge against the gun ban. We are in consultations with the Attorney General for AB and look forward to working with them to defeat it.

While this is just one province to start, the CCFR is committed to lobbying other provincial governments to help force the focus of the federal government back to where it should be; actual crime, violence and gun smuggling.

We think all Canadians will agree, if we truly want a safer Canada, we must refocus.

You can help us fight the gun ban HERE

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