Bill 223 is a disgrace...

April 18, 2016

Bill 223 is a disgrace...

Bill-s-223- Hon. Sen. Céline Hervieux-Payette

“Strengthening Canadians’ Security and Promoting Hunting and Recreational Shooting Act”
On the cusp of her retirement, Sen. Hervieux-Payette has re-introduced her bill to amend the Firearms Act. This bill is short on substance and long on word play. The title is the only part that inspires any confidence.

A quick read reveals that this truly is an extremists version of gun control. Sen. Hervieux-Payette has admitted to simply changing the terminology of firearms classification so that firearms owners will feel less threatened by the terminology. Gun owners don't need "safe words" in the Firearms Act to make us feel good about gun classification. Furthermore this action will have absolutely no impact on crime

In addition to “safe words” she is proposing a re-classification of millions of legally owned firearms for no reasoned purpose. If successful, this will destroy the shooting sports for over two million licensed firearm owners.

Bill S223 would require all semi automatic firearms to be stored at “centralized storage facilities” and owners would have to call ahead and have them couriered to the range on the date and time they would like to go shooting. The Canadian government couldn't effectively create and maintain a database of firearms. How could we ever expect them to create and maintain centralized storage facilities and trust them to transport firearms to the range when we want to use them?

Once again they are attempting to increase public safety by chasing after the safest and most scrutinized part of Canadian society. Licensed gun owners have police record checks done every single day. We are not the problem!

This bill has been developed with one single purpose in mind, to deter, stifle and destroy one of the safest pastimes that Canadians have ever participated in

The illegal firearm trade will not be affected by this recycled and archaic Bill. Sen. Hervieux-Payette will retire in a few short weeks and would like a legacy to be remembered by. This bill failed to make it through the senate before, lets make sure that it dies again. The CCFR intends to defend our current rights, inform the public and the Senate against this ill-conceived attempt to punish Canadian firearms owners.

JOIN the CCFR today. Help us educate the public and our government about how the Firearms Act effects us all!

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