Blair calls CCFR members "violent extremists"

April 10, 2021

Blair calls CCFR members "violent extremists"

Blair calls gun lobby members “extremists”

The Liberal Party Policy Convention is in full swing and with it, some of the most divisive, hate-inciting behavior from our favorite Minister, Bill Blair.

Blair took part in a panel discussion yesterday afternoon titled “Keeping Communities Safe” featuring Blair himself, MP Joel Lightbound and a few others. The focus, as it always is with Liberals, was actually on gun control. They prefer tightening restrictions even further on licensed Canadian gun owners, rather than tackling the actual crime and violence we see plaguing cities across the country, most notably in the GTA, where Blair resides.

Lapresse reporter Melanie Marquis tweeted out this quote from Blair, spoken during his panel discussion, “Not every person who is in the gun lobby is an extremist, but anybody extremist is in the gun lobby”.

Reaction to this abhorrent statement was swift and relentless, with social media lighting up.

Bill Blair's exact quote was; "We're seeing ideologically motivated, violent extremists who are using online platforms to propagate and advocate for hatred and violence against women, against religious minorities, anti-sematic and Islamophobic and hateful speech and advocating violence, and we can use these red flag laws because, I tell you many of those extremists, not every person who's in the gun lobby is an extremist, but everybody who's extremist is in the gun lobby" 

Speaking from her Ottawa home, CCFR lobbyist Tracey Wilson was shocked and disappointed in Blair’s hateful statement. “Look, we may not agree on policy, but I’m a mother, a grandmother, we’re a military family who respects the law. I volunteer in my community and raise funds for at risk youth, calling someone like me an extremist is beyond reprehensible. We’ve seen the results of inciting hate and you would think Bill Blair would behave better, but you’d be wrong.”

Rod Giltaca, CCFR CEO and Executive Director was equally shocked by the Minister’s statement. “There are actual extremists, people committing crimes and violence against other citizens. Throwing this type of serious terminology around like nothing diminishes it’s meaning and gives actual extremists a pass”, he said.

CCFR members and volunteers range from health professionals, lawyers, law enforcement, teachers, military, and everything in between. The Canadian firearms community is diverse and inclusive and consists of everyday people, families, taxpayers.

This government has lost its way. They seem to forget that they serve Canadians, not rule them. We’ll be writing to the Minister’s office demanding an apology on behalf of the tens of thousands of CCFR members and millions of gun owners.

This kind of behavior is disgraceful and Canadians deserve better.

Watch the video for yourself and think about how this makes you feel as a CCFR supporter. Share with your friends and family. Canadians have a choice to make this coming election.

Support the CCFR in our efforts to hold this failed government accountable.

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