Bury their desks in letters!!!

November 24, 2022

Bury their desks in letters!!!

I know ... I'm sick of it all too. But our silence is consent. We spend how much time commiserating on social media or with friends about the Liberal government's constant attack on the legal firearm community? Let's refocus some of that time on flooding their offices, and burying their desks in letters. Yes, I mean paper letters. Here's why.

Parliamentarians have staff that handle their emails, mail and social media. For the most part, they get the usual stuff, the odd letter here and there and a bunch of angry emails. Nobody notices any of that stuff. But picture this, a staffer walking in to their boss's office after a weekend to bins and bins full of letter mail. I want every Liberal, NDP and Bloq MP absolutely buried in paper mail.

I want you to go over to your gun safe or gun room and open the door. Look at each rifle and think about what they mean to you, the memories you've created with them and the adventures you've been on together. How important is your sport and way of life to you? What is it worth to you, and how much would you do to try and save them.

This "Call to Action" will require the following things from you; 

  1. 5 sheets of paper
  2. 5 envelopes
  3. a pen
  4. 15 minutes of your time

I know many of you have already contacted your MP, or even the Public Safety Minister, but this is different - this is a coordinated action we will all do together.

As you know, in SECU, the Liberals have introduced a last minute amendment that would ban, essentially, all semi auto's in Canada. This is on top of the sweeping May 2020 gun ban and the handgun freeze.

This is the largest gun ban in the history of our country and affects every one of the 2.3 million of us who own guns. That's why it's imperative you work with me on this.

In your letter, focus on a few main points. Example:

  1. this ban directly impacts millions of Canadians who've done nothing wrong
  2. this ban doesn't impact criminals with illicit firearms committing violence
  3. this ban wasn't part of the original bill, wasn't debated in the House, expert witnesses didn't get to speak to it and no consultations were done to measure the impact or effectiveness
  4. this ban further divides Canadians at a time when polarization is rampant

Use your main points of contention to write a short, concise letter. Here's what I wrote as an example:

Dear Minister Mendicino, I am writing to you today to express my complete objection to C21, and in particular Liberal amendment G4 which is essentially a ban on all semi auto rifles and shotguns commonly used by hunters and licensed gun owners across the country. Canadians were shocked at the underhanded way this was snuck into the bill in the 11th hour as an "amendment", circumventing any study or debate and evading democracy entirely. This amendment and hunting gun ban will solely impact the legal gun owning community and directly targets hunters instead of focusing on reducing actual crime, violence and gun smuggling. All this at a time when Canadians are already divided by the political polarization of the Liberal government. I'll remind you all that the Liberal government was wholly rejected by western Canada and reduced to a weakened minority during the last election. There is no mandate for this action and the political consequences of this attack will surely be felt in your riding.

Tracey Wilson, Ottawa, ON

Now repeat these steps to write 4 more, one to the Prime Minister and one to your Member of Parliament. Consider also sending one to the NDP public safety critic ALISTAIR MACGREGOR and the Bloq public safety critic KRISTINA MICHAUD. Address them all to the same address, but use their names. NO STAMP IS REQUIRED!!

You can repeat this process for every MP you think should be contacted.

I want them all to walk into this, every day:

This is simply the first step in a series of Calls to Action we will be asking you to help with. If each of them receive 10 000 letters that's only 0.5% of gun owners. Let's create an avalanche of opposition to their overreach and authoritarianism.

If you need any help, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach to our team at info@firearmrights.ca

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