CALL TO ACTION: a Media Experiment for Gun Owners

March 28, 2019

CALL TO ACTION: a Media Experiment for Gun Owners

The gun control debate intensifies as gun grabbers bask in the glory of the media's embrace. Minister of Border Security & Organized Crime Bill Blair is late with his presentation of recommendations to the federal government resulting from the "invite only" public consultations surrounding the examination of a full ban on handguns (and assault rifles), while not impeding their lawful use. An oxymoron in itself.

Gun grabbers have taken to massive, well funded campaigns in pursuit of our guns, literally. Demand letters, protests, calls to actions and cooperative opinion pieces eagerly published by media outlets flood the interwebs. Gun owners are under a full-frontal assault as an aggressive and bullying lobby targets our sport; the time is right with citizens around the globe reeling from the shock of the New Zealand shooting and Minister Blair's findings looming. They never let a tragedy go to waste, and the media is always happy to publish their diatribes, riddled with misinformation, emotional pleas and data from foreign countries.

So here's the ask: 

Take 20 minutes today and compose a "letter to the editor" or opinion piece. Submit it to a couple of the news sources listed below and copy our public relations head at

New Sources:

We'll file the letters and keep track of who sent what to where. This will be a perfect social experiment in proving media bias. Canadians deserve fair, reputable, evidence-based reporting on issues that concern them. The intentional and continuous purporting of fake news or misrepresented facts is the major cause of Canadians mistrust for the mainstream media.

So do your part, pitch in and write something. Gather a few friends to help and let's see if Canada's most vetted, trusted citizens get a fair shake from the countries biggest media outlets. If nothing else, we will have the tangible evidence that the media is complicit in supporting the twisted agendas of certain lobby groups.

Let's unveil the media bias on the Canadian Gun Debate.

Get writing!!!



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