CCFR's Rod Giltaca on Election 44

September 21, 2021

CCFR's Rod Giltaca on Election 44

So, what was that all about? An unnecessary, $610 million-dollar, mid-pandemic vanity election that puts our country in exactly the same place it was last week. To be certain, we now know where many Canadians stand on some serious issues. They responded positively to a fear-based, divisive view of Canada where there are two classes of people. One virtuous and noble, the other unclean and an imminent threat to ourselves and our children. A Canada where the most monstrous and easily disproven lies can be told, and millions respond with indifference. Where criminals are given a pass and the law abiding are punished for compliance. Where the same group of people are concerned with the future concerning climate change but can’t seem to grasp that you can’t operate with a 400 billion dollar deficit and increase affordability. Canada has clearly become a country where people will vote purely for free stuff that in no way is actually free.

On Twitter, Liberals are taking a victory lap, for what reason is unclear. Their own children will be the biggest losers of this pointless exercise. Regardless, they are an irrational, fragile bunch, and they needed a win at whatever level.

The question is, where does that leave us? The answer is in the same place we were two months ago, minus Bill C-21. Gun owners can look forward to an even worse replacement to Bill C-21, including a mandatory buyback of privately owned firearms and municipal handgun bans. The Liberals will implement all their gun control measures with the support of the NDP and the Bloc, and likely formulate a few more. That’s what’s in store for us as Canada’s most law-abiding demographic.

Now what?

The CCFR took the interests of gun owners during this election to a level never before seen. We sponsored $152,000 worth of television and radio ads. We printed 260,000 booklets detailing the failures of Liberals and likely distributed 240,000 of them to where they needed to be. We motivated and organized gun owners to advocate for themselves, all in less than 40 days. We would never be so bold as to say we swayed the election, but maybe it could have been worse. Maybe it would have been a majority. In any case, we stood up for ourselves and we didn’t sit back and let others decide our future unopposed.

So here’s the good news. We learned a lot during this election, and there will likely be another one in two years. With your support, the CCFR will improve on what we did this time around. The next booklet campaign will aspire to distribute a million pieces of literature across every battleground riding in the entire country. Our advertising campaign will evolve too, based on the results we had this time around. We aren’t giving up; we’re only getting better at what we’re doing.

The CCFR’s court case is also proceeding. We still have a chance to overturn the Order in Council before new legislation is passed and we are arguing a charter question. A win at some level is possible but new legislation can damper much of it. Nevertheless, we will fight them all the same. The CCFR will be representing gun owners in the legislative process and ensure we get our message out to Canadians that criminals are responsible for their own actions, not those who would possess a PAL. We will fight municipality by municipality against handgun bans should the same approach from C-21 be taken by the Liberals.

The CCFR will not hand an easy victory to anyone in any circumstances. The election is over, now let’s get back to work.


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