Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights highlights Canadian women in the shooting sports in upcoming fundraiser

Women are the fastest growing sector of the firearms community, which has long been dominated by men. Following our mandate of advocacy through education, the CCFR will be launching a very creative new product to fundraise for the development of the women’s programs. A “CCFR Gunnie Girl Calendar” will be out for the new year, highlighting Canadian women who are trail blazers in our community. A classy photo and brief descriptive story will grace each month of 2017 promoting every day, real women in the shooting sports.
“We didn’t want to create some kind of bikini-clad, “tacti-Barbie” product, said Alberta Director Anne Jordan, “we want to highlight and promote some amazing Canadian women with beautiful photos of them with their firearm of choice. It’s about breaking the stereo-types out there while giving young women athletes and mentors they can look up to”.

Kelly Wheaton, Vice President of Women’s Programming at the CCFR, is spearheading the project. Funds raised will help support women’s programming and education.


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