Rod Giltaca interviews Maxime Bernier on his firearms platform




Recently, CPC Leadership Candidate Maxime Bernier and his team reached out to CCFR President Rod Giltaca. The mandate of the CCFR is to engage in firearm discussions when and where they occur. Max and Rod sat down to discuss Bernier’s firearms platform and what it really means for Canadian gun owners. While the CCFR is non-partisan, we endeavor to go the extra mile to ensure our members, and gun owners in general, have the information and understanding to make rational, logical political decisions. To find out more about the CCFR engaging the candidates visit our website: CCFR

To vote in the upcoming CPC Leadership Election, you must be a card-carrying member of the party before March 28, 2017. Information on how to join along with debate, event and voting info can be found here: CPC Leadership




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