Goodale re-opens the Act to end the LGR

June 7, 2017

Goodale re-opens the Act to end the LGR

Ottawa, June 7, 2017

Read the Order Paper here

The Liberals will introduce an amendment to the Act to End the Long Gun Registry (LGR), reopening the Act. There has been debate on both sides about the Quebec provincial government’s intent to implement their own provincial long gun registry.

The federal government ended the LGR in April 2012, ending the wasteful and expensive program that was riddled with inaccurate data. The Liberals will be tabling a bill to now re-open the Act to End the LGR, which will no doubt satisfy the Quebec provincial government’s request for the records and end the court battle between Quebec and the federal government.

This is proof positive that something done, can be un-done. The rest of Canada would do well to look to Quebec as an example of what can happen when a federal program like the CFP is challenged provincially. Is this the beginning of the provinces being given governance over the program? What will a provincial patchwork of firearms registries do to our rights and freedoms?

There has never been a more critical time to get involved in advocacy. Canadian firearms owners must stop being complacent and sitting on the fence while bureaucracy literally re-writes history. If you are concerned about the Liberals re-opening the Act to End the Long Gun Registry here’s what you can do: Write your MP and tell them you object to this Join the CCFR immediately to aid in the fight for your rights. Unity is the only way to win this battle.



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