Guns bans, forced confiscations, nothing on actual crime - Liberal policy

September 24, 2019

Guns bans, forced confiscations, nothing on actual crime - Liberal policy

This week has been a tough one for Canada's most law-abiding, heavily vetted community - gun owners.

In a desperate attempt to change the channel on a scandal-laden leader, the Trudeau Liberals announced their radical firearms platform.

Here are the measures the Liberals will implement if re-elected:

  • a complete ban on "assault rifles" including the AR-15, along with a litany of other semi-auto sporting rifles (an estimated 250 000 firearms) - no grandfathering, mass, forced confiscation
  •  a commitment to supersede the legal jurisdiction of the provincial government to allow municipal level governments to further ban or regulate the use and/or storage of registered handguns owned by legal owners
  •  the ability to suspend a legal firearms owners license based on statements from a persons spouse, children, health care practitioners etc.
  •  implement further storage laws such as central storage and approved safes and vaults
  •  have RCMP implement a "red flag" system to identify gun owners who purchase multiple firearms
  • regulate advertising and media platforms that promote the shooting sports


No costing for this program has been provided. Early estimates pin a "buy back" program at well over $375 000 000 of tax payer money to acquire legally purchased sporting rifles from lawful owners for destruction. No "fair market" structure has been divulged but nobody is assuming the Liberals will provide gun owners the actual value of their firearms, firearms they have owned for decades without issue. This doesn't of course include the considerable resources that will be required to locate, man the doors of gun owners to confiscate and of course the eventual destruction of these firearms. Court systems will be further burdened by those who do not comply.

Now, you may be asking yourself how this affects the criminal element?

It doesn't. Not one bit. What it does is force gun owners to either submit their valuable property to the government to be tossed in the smelter, or risk becoming criminals themselves.

There has been no promises or ideas out of the Liberal government on how to get the actual crime guns off the streets.

And with that, everyone forgot about the Prime Minister's racism and corruption scandals.

There is something you can do to stop this, and you must. You can vote for a firearms-friendly candidate and remove the Liberals from power. It's the only option.




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