Liberal Gun Platform; bans, bans, bans

September 1, 2021

Liberal Gun Platform; bans, bans, bans

16 days into a vanity election being called by incumbent Justin Trudeau, the party finally released their full platform and with it, their plan to further attack legal gun owners.

We'll be discussing it online and on our podcast, but here's what you need to know, right now:

  1. MANDATORY GUN BAN: They've flip-flopped on the "buyback" program (confiscation program) and a re-elected Liberal government would give legal gun owners only two choices: turn in your guns to the government for some pittance in the form of compensation, or permanently render them inoperable with deactivation (legal deactivations will cost you about $500 each gun). They're upped their funding promise to $800M.
  2. MAGAZINE BANS: In a nutshell, they're promising to ban "pinned mags" - they want mags that are capable of holding more than 5 in a rifle, to be "permanently altered" rather than pinned. They also promise to ban the sale or transfer of mags that are capable of holding more than the legal number of bullets, regardless of the stated intended use by the manufacturer.
  3. HANDGUN BAN MONEY: A billion dollar slush fund for municipalities who want handgun bans.

Basically, they're promising to enhance their already promised promises and mess around with magazines. This writer is almost shocked they didn't go further considering how terribly the campaign is going for them.

Watch for more updates, our election action plan and if nothing else, make sure you volunteer for your preferred candidate and VOTE.

Get that #GUNVOTE out!!

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