National Range Day - you in?

January 5, 2022

National Range Day - you in?

National Range Day is a day created to recognize and celebrate the 2.3M licensed gun owners who responsibly, legally, and safely own and use firearms in Canada. The first Saturday in June, annually, will be National Range Day going forward. In 2022 it will fall on Saturday, June 4.

These days there’s a “national day” to recognize everything from serious societal issues like reconciliation to the fun and frivolous like “National Poutine Day”. Why not an annual day, from coast to coast, where gun owners and their clubs, associations and community can come together under a united banner and celebrate the unique, inclusive, safety-conscious lifestyle of legal firearms ownership. A 2019 study stated that 22% of Canadian homes have at least one gun inside. Firearms ownership predates Confederation and Canada has a rich, robust history when it comes to positive gun culture.

It’s worth celebrating.

Canadian gun owners have long been told they should keep their sport and lifestyle on the down low, which results in a society unaware of how prevalent and amazing gun culture is in neighbourhoods from coast to coast. That idea of keeping it like a dirty little secret has led us to where we are today, living in a perpetual state of being targeted every time a criminal commits violence with an illicit firearm.


And so here we are, with this big idea; a unified day to show the rest of Canada who we really are. The vision can mean different things to different people. Clubs and ranges across the country can host “open houses” or similar events and invite their greater communities. National firearms advocacy organizations can come together and encourage and support their members and associates in hosting celebrations. Individuals or folks in remote areas can commit to bringing 1, 2, 3 or more new people out for a day of shooting.

Big or small, elaborate or simple – the idea here is to simply broaden the number of citizens exposed to the positive side of legal gun ownership, with the hope that minds can be opened, friendships and conversations can be started and public opinion can be swayed.

It is possible, but it’s going to take an “all hands on deck”, every level of our community, united approach.

Watch the website for more information and a ton of resources to aid everyone in making this a growing, annual success. This is not going to be a branded “CCFR initiative”, this is going to be a grassroots, Canadian gun community effort and we all need to invest the effort.

This project may be the key to preserving the future of our sport and our community. Make sure you reach out to your advocacy organizations, clubs and ranges, and your friends to see how you can make it happen, together.

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