Our Statement - NS Tragedy & Anti-Gun lobby letter

April 21, 2020

Our Statement - NS Tragedy & Anti-Gun lobby letter

Just shy of 24 hours past the tragedy in Nova Scotia, the gun control lobby is leveraging this community's suffering for their own political gain. No law in this country could have stopped a madman with this level of determination and resources. There will be time to debate the details of this event when we know more. Policy decisions affecting all Canadians must be made calmly and rationally. Now is the time to support those affected by this senseless tragedy.

-Rod Giltaca, CEO & Executive Director, CCFR 

Contact Rod: media@firearmrights.ca

Read the letter from the anti gun lobby groups: http://polysesouvient.ca/Documents/MAIL_20_04_20_JointLetter_ToMinisterBlair.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0EAdrhxrWmDIpVAY7t9BRGkbOKa7oLFNdYXY5ZCe0qKajJLLy_5GVOj7g

The CCFR joins the country in mourning this terrible tragedy.


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