Quebec LGR - Province Releases Draft

September 14, 2017

Quebec LGR - Province Releases Draft

The Quebec government, Minister of Public Security, has released a draft form of the new provincial long gun registry regulations. You can download and read it here:


Quebecers will be required to provide detailed information about the firearm, themselves as well as location firearms will be kept. This is all in spite of the Federal Liberal government's promise to not reinstate another wasteful and ineffective long gun registry. Recently, the office of Public Safety voluntarily turned over aged, outdated registry information pertaining to Quebec to satisfy court actions against them, causing an uproar from Canadians who were told the information had been destroyed, as ordered.

Read more about this here: Goodale’s Bill C-52-Amendments to appease QC lawsuits, provide data

The CCFR has two Quebec directors who will be paying particular attention to this matter and will be advising members as events unfold and what we can do about this.


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