The CCFR and High Capacity Magazine announce strategic partnership

November 16, 2018

The CCFR and High Capacity Magazine announce strategic partnership

Nov 15, 2018

The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) and High Capacity Magazine (HC) have entered into a partnership that will see the two organizations cross-promote and deliver content in a synergistic way to the Canadian firearms market. “We are thrilled to form this partnership with High Capacity Magazine,” said Dave Partanen, Vice President of Publications for the CCFR. “This presents an opportunity for the CCFR to offer added value to our existing members and supporters. Offering an official magazine allows us to continue to build momentum in our online and social media presence. High Capacity Magazine readers will benefit from informative coverage of Canadian shooting sports but will also have access to updates from the CCFR regarding Canadian legislative and regulatory happenings. While this partnership bolsters both of our growth models, ultimately, it is Canadian firearms owners that benefit the most, and that’s why we’re all so excited about it. It’s a win for all involved.”

In its first year of publication, High Capacity Magazine will be issued quarterly. In addition to its standard content, the magazine will feature two full pages of content from the CCFR, two full pages of announcements or ads and a CCFR banner on the cover. A discounted 1-year subscription will be available to new or renewing CCFR members during the process of online checkout. The regular 4-issue subscription price is $20.00, the CCFR price is $8.00.

To learn more about High Capacity Magazine, please visit them at

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