The CCFR's Biggest PR Campaign.. Ever!

June 16, 2021

The CCFR's Biggest PR Campaign.. Ever!

In June of 2020, the CCFR launched the largest public relations campaign on behalf of gun owners ever. It was comprised of 68 full pages of content in 17 newspapers across the country, a new explainer video and audio ads on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Music. Here in June 2021, the CCFR is eclipsing that project, by a significant margin. Our newest project is the CCFR Billboard Campaign.

The CCFR has the message "Can You Handle The Truth:", running on 66 electronic billboards across the entire country for the next three months. This project includes yet another redevelopment of This overhaul greets visitors with a compelling, two-minute video by our own Matt Magolan to tell people what the issues really are. As well, the site is populated with our explainer videos, our television shows and other information the public should be interested in. Regular updates and improvements will be made to throughout the campaign. If we find we're getting enough traffic to the site, the CCFR is prepared to renew the campaign for an additional 3 months. Check out all the locations of these signs at the bottom of this post. 

Watch the video below and visit

Why are we doing this? 

As a community we need to relentlessly reach out to non-gun owning Canadians so they can understand that attacking licensed gun owners is not making us safer. Right now, the Liberal Government is literally demonizing gun owners, and using this division to create hyper partisan voters. We need to fight back by making a calm, accurate message available to those Canadians. Without the work of the CCFR, Canadians will have nothing to reference gun owners other than frustrated rhetoric and angry social media posts. They will continue to vote Liberal, because the Liberals have told them that there's no place in Canada for people like us. This is the real fight, and the CCFR needs your support to continue to wage it. If the Liberals win again, even a minority government, gun owners will lose more than ever before.

More details to come...

The billboards in this project are all electronic. The ad agency's algorithms are complex. There will be times when our ad is shown every two minutes and sometimes when it won't be shown that day. This can change on a daily basis. We're working with the agency to overcome this. But, in the interim, if you see the ad, and it's safe to do so, snap a picture of it, because...  

Contest coming...

In the next week or two, the CCFR will launch a contest. It will be free for everyone to enter and feature three great prize packs from our friends at Calgary Shooting Center and Firearms Outlet Canada. Stay tuned for details!

If you want to help the CCFR continue to reach out to Canadians, become a member here:

If you want to donate to the CCFR, get some free entries to our light up 2021 contest here:

Billboard Locations

Site name Site location (city) Site region (province) 
99 St NW 5 m S-O 63 Ave NW WS F-NE Edmonton Alberta 
Parsons Rd NW 50 m S-O 34 Ave NW WS F-NE Edmonton Alberta 
Mayfield Rd NW 85 m S-O 163 St NW WS F-N Edmonton Alberta 
156 St NW 50 m N-O 111 Ave NW ES F-N Edmonton Alberta 
Whyte Ave NW 90 m W-O 106 St NW SS F-W Edmonton Alberta 
Gateway Blvd NW 65 m S-O 58 Ave NW ES F-S Edmonton Alberta 
100 St 10 m N-O 115 Ave WS F-N Grande Prairie Alberta 
13 Ave SE 5 m S-O Southview Dr SE WS F-NE Medicine Hat Alberta 
Victoria Ave E 150 m E-O Prince of Wales Dr NS F-E Regina Saskatchewan 
Victoria Ave E 30 m W-O Fleury St NS F-E Regina Saskatchewan 
Rochdale Blvd60 m W-O Vanstone St NS F-E&W Regina Saskatchewan 
Yellowhead Hwy 16 40 m W-O Kimball Rd NS F-E Prince George British Columbia 
5 Ave 5 m E-O Union St SS F-E Prince George British Columbia 
Cariboo Hwy 97 50 m S-O 15th Ave WS F-N Prince George British Columbia 
Disraeli Fwy 40 m E-O Martha St SS F-E Winnipeg Manitoba 
Main St 10 m W-O King St WS F-E Moncton New Brunswick 
Main St 20 m W-O King St WS F-W Moncton New Brunswick 
Main St 20 m W-O King St WS F-W Moncton New Brunswick 
Highway St 20 m E-O 49 Ave NS Valleyview Alberta 
Okanagan Hwy 97 15 m N-O Boucherie Rd ES F-N West Kelowna British Columbia 
Okanagan Hwy 97 15 m N-O Boucherie Rd ES F-S West Kelowna British Columbia 
Brantford, ON - 325 Brant Ave FS Brantford Ontario 
Brantford, ON - West St Brantford Ontario 
Calgary, AB - Hwy #2 (FS) Airdrie Alberta 
Brantford, ON - 325 Brant Ave FN Brantford Ontario 
Calgary, AB - Hwy #2 (FN) Airdrie Alberta 
Edmonton, AB - 8640 Yellowhead Trail NW Edmonton Alberta 
Calgary, AB - Barlow Trail @ 92nd Ave Calgary Alberta 
Cambridge, ON - Hwy 8 & 24 Cambridge Ontario 
Calgary, AB - Blackfoot Trail @ Heritage (FN & FS) Calgary Alberta 
Edmonton, AB - 6504 75th St NW FS Edmonton Alberta 
Hamilton, ON - 272 King St W Hamilton Ontario 
Hamilton, ON - 393 King St W Hamilton Ontario 
Kitchener, ON - Manitou Dr Kitchener Ontario 
Hagersville, ON - Hwy 6 Cayuga Ontario 
Hamilton, ON - 433 Main St W Hamilton Ontario 
Niagara Region, ON - Hwy #20 Thorold Ontario 
London, ON - Southdale Rd (FE & FW) Waterford Ontario 
London, ON - 744 York St (FE & FW) London Ontario 
Niagara Falls, ON - Victoria Ave & Clifton Hill Niagara Falls Ontario 
Welland, ON - 60 East Main St Welland Ontario 
Toronto, ON - Weston Rd (FN & FS) Toronto Ontario 
Toronto, ON - Wilson Ave Toronto Ontario 
Thunder Bay, ON - 707 Memorial Ave (FN & FS) Thunder Bay Ontario 
Thunder Bay, ON - 625 Beaverhall Place Thunder Bay Ontario 
Vancouver, BC - Hwy 91 @ Alex Fraser Bridge (FS) Delta British Columbia 
Lethbridge, AB - Crowsnest Hwy 25 (FE) Lethbridge Alberta 
Lethbridge, AB - Crowsnest Hwy 25 (FW) Lethbridge Alberta 
Medicine Hat, AB - Trans Canada Hwy 60 (FN) Medicine Hat Alberta 
Lloydminster, AB - Yellowhead Hwy 16 (FE & FW) Lloydminster Alberta 
Lethbridge, AB - Mayor Magrath (FN) Lethbridge Alberta 
Lethbridge, AB - Mayor Magrath Scenic (FN) Lethbridge Alberta 
Lethbridge, AB - Mayor Magrath Scenic (FS) Lethbridge Alberta 
Edmonton, AB - 41 Ave SW (FE) Edmonton Alberta 
Edmonton, AB - 41 Ave SW (FW) Edmonton Alberta 
Dieppe, NB - Acadie Ave s/o Allain-Gillette St (FS) Dieppe New Brunswick 

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