Unofficial CDPG response - Charity Challenge

December 20, 2019

Unofficial CDPG response - Charity Challenge


The CCFR has received an acknowledgement of sorts from the Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns concerning our "$15,000 to Charity Challenge". Dr. Alan Drummond of Perth Ontario is a member of the Executive Team as listed on the group's website. We aren't sure if Dr. Drummond is authorized to speak for the group but he was quick to take to Twitter to provide a response to our invitation.

The CCFR politely and maturely offered a 90 minute conversation to Dr. Najma Ahmed, a self-appointed expert on firearm-related regulation, in return for a total donation to Toronto-based charities of $15,000. In addition, $5,000 of this amount would be allocated to a charity chosen by both Rod Giltaca and Dr. Ahmed in an effort to show all sides can work together on this important topic. The web story and a PDF description of the offer is available for download on the CCFR website for all to evaluate the tone of the offer.

Dr. Drummond, who wasn't mentioned in this opportunity, strangely refused the offer and added a slew of insults in his response.




Dr. Drummond, well known for his ill behavior online, impugned the professionalism of Rod Giltaca and Tracey Wilson of the CCFR while ignoring his own atrocious conduct on various matters on Twitter. The CCFR have made numerous offers of cooperation to the CDPG.





The offer remains open to Dr. Ahmed until January 10, 2020. The CCFR has not received any official response thus far.




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