Blair, Lucki, Trudeau ghoulishly capitalize on NS tragedy

June 22, 2022

Blair, Lucki, Trudeau ghoulishly capitalize on NS tragedy

The Mass Casualty Commission, the public inquiry into the tragedy in Nova Scotia, has revealed the unthinkable, something so opportunistic, so cold and calculated, that it seems impossible to believe. But believe it.

Yesterday the Halifax Examiner broke the story, that Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair, apparently politically pressured RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, to release certain details about the guns used by the perpetrator, before they even had a firm body count, before families had even been notified, for the specific purpose of drumming up support for the sweeping gun ban of May 2020.

They wanted a grieving nation, sensitive to the horrific details of the 2 day massacre, to channel that devastation into support for their extreme firearm policies. They pounced on the opportunity, without thought or care for the victims, the families, the community or the country at large. Their goal was to garner support, at any and all costs.

And it worked.

RCMP Superintendent Darren Campbell handwrote the following notes, back during the time of the shooting in NS;

"The Commissioner said she had promised the Minister of Public Safety and the Prime Minister’s Office that the RCMP (we) would release this information. I tried to explain there was no intent to disrespect anyone however we could not release this information at this time. The Commissioner then said that we didn’t understand, that this was tied to pending gun control legislation that would make officers and the public safer. She was very upset and at one point Deputy Commissioner (Brian) Brennan tried to get things calmed down but that had little effect. Some in the room were reduced to tears and emotional over this belittling reprimand"

Both Former Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki have since denied the political pressure applied, and the fact they used the tragedy as an opportunity for a political gun ban.

But riddle me this, how, back then during those days, would Supt. Campbell even know about the impending gun ban, when it hadn't been announced yet? He knew because Lucki used it to justify asking them to release very sensitive information to the media and the public, knowing it could jeopardize the investigation into the tragedy and possible court trials of anyone who helped the shooter acquire his illegal guns.

When RCMP officials were asked about conflicting accounts of the number of victims by Commissioner Lucki, Director of Communications Lia Scanlan said, “The commissioner releases a body count that we (Communications) don’t even have. She went out and did that. It was all political pressure. That is 100% Minister Blair and the Prime Minister. And we have a Commissioner that does not push back.”

Now think for a moment how this all must feel for the survivors, victims families and the community who loved these people. The life and legacy of every one of them was used for political gain, even before all the victims had been even found. What an abhorrent use and abuse of people during the worst moments of their lives. Ghoulish even.

Imagine being one of the local RCMP officers, in the midst of chaos, you've lost one of their own, your officers are scrambled, disoriented, there's a lot of loss of life, fire, violence ... and the woman at the top is focused on a calculated plan to use the chaos and heartache of all this to provide a political gift to a flailing Prime Minister and his Public Safety Minister.

And of course there's all of us gun owners too. We have endured a government using an OIC to ban tens of thousands of guns we've owned safely, peacefully and without issue for decades. We've been forced to spend millions of dollars on a federal court challenge to defend ourselves against an act of government, predicated on dishonest, abusive, political interference. WE have been made the scapegoats for a NS criminal with illegal guns. We have been directly punished for his horrendous actions.

Canadians have been victimized by a lying, manipulating, deceptive, corrupt government.

I guess it's blatantly clear why Bill Blair tried to refuse Nova Scotians their inquiry ... thank god they pushed.

An abuse of power and influence of this magnitude should bring with it, mass resignations, a full inquiry into this vile scandal and a very public apology to everyone involved for the inexcusable actions of the people who hold the highest offices in this nation.

I take that back, this latest horrific scandal should bring with it, a new government. How can Canadians have any trust in the government or the national police force after this without new leadership for both.

Fire them all if they won't resign.

The CCFR maintains a role as a participant in the Mass Casualty Commission and will continue to push for truth and justice for the families, friends and the victims of this national tragedy and the accompanying miscarriage of trust by the Liberal government and the RCMP Commissioner.

You can support those efforts HERE

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