CALL TO ACTION!! What can you do?

August 16, 2018

CALL TO ACTION!! What can you do?

The federal Trudeau government is convening together for their annual Summer Cabin Retreat early next week in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Canada's elites will gather for a posh getaway and we can guarantee the topic of a gun ban will be on the table along with the china and champagne. Recent tragedies have sparked the gun debate and politicians are desperately trying to "do something" in the wake of public outrage to the violence on our streets and their own failure to make a difference in fighting crime. They will not hesitate to use legal gun owners as leverage.

There is something you can do; 

  1. Contact every single Minister. Use bcc if you want, but contact them. Here is a an easy mailing list you can copy and paste into the "to" or the "bcc" in your e-mail. This is every Minister in the Liberal caucus.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Ask them first and foremost to work on credible measures that will have an effect on crime. Where is the promised funding? Tell them you do not support further regulating hunters and sport shooters instead of fighting crime.

If you can, write and call them. Here is a complete list of every cabinet Minister and their contact information: Liberal Cabinet Ministers

Do this today. Imagine if every Minister received even 1000 emails about this before they go off for their luxury trip? That number is easily attainable. Don't assume other people will do it. YOU need to do it right now.

2. Talk to your gun club, your local retailer, your shooting friends, everyone!! Engage in respectful debate in person, online, anywhere you can get an ear to listen. Stay respectful and factual. You may find some useful materials on our sister web-site GUN DEBATE  We need to bring rational, thoughtful conversation into this equation and this includes calling in to radio shows, commenting factual data on news source posts and sharing stories and information pieces on our own social media platforms

3. Join the CCFR. There is no denying that the CCFR is leading the fight for firearm owners in Canada. It's difficult to accept that we are on our own to fund this fight - but we are. Government and anti-gun lobbies have an endless supply of tax dollars or grants. JOIN THE CCFR - your best chance for success

4. Share this link and ask everyone you know to do the same. No more excuses, no more waiting for another day, no more hoping someone else is doing it. Take 10 minutes and take a stand!!


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