CCFR brings gun owners voices mainstream

May 5, 2020

CCFR brings gun owners voices mainstream

It's been a brutal few days for Canada's most vetted citizens, legal gun owners. Last Friday the Trudeau Liberal government dropped a devastating bomb on our community with a sweeping gun ban on legal owners by way of an OIC, which circumvents democracy entirely.

"The list" encompasses an estimated 1500 models and variants, making hundreds of thousands of us in possession of prohibited firearms without a single vote or expert opinion - a move that will only affect legal owners since criminals are exempt from this new ban (no license).

The CCFR's Rod Giltaca & Tracey Wilson have spent the last 4 days doing interviews across the country - an often under-appreciated but vitally important task. See - right now, there is broad support for this gun ban. Canadians are reeling from the shock of the tragedy in NS and they're scared. This ban may "feel" like the government has at least done something, anything, which is why our use of the media is important. We have to counter that fear they've been fed by the Liberals and the media, and show them that Canada's gun community consists of good, every day people, like their neighbours, and there's no reason to fear us or our guns.

Canadians will support what they don't know, and what they're scared of, so our mandate is to educate them. They've been lied to, they're been betrayed, and it's going to cost billions of their tax dollars to afford this flawed Liberal gun ban.

Here's some of the 62 (and counting) media appearances we've had over the last few days:

You can find a lot of our reactions on radio shows here: CCFR Radio Interview Vault 

Stay tuned as we announce and roll out the other VERY important ways we are working to defeat this gun ban.




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