CCFR Explainer Video Series

September 27, 2017

CCFR Explainer Video Series

The CCFR launched it's exclusive Explainer Video Series over the last year. These are highly shareable, short 2-minute videos with animation and narration that simply and efficiently explain issues facing the Canadian firearm owning community. These are the tools gun owners need in their tool box to debate effectively on social media or just to share as an awareness raising campaign. Literally, a virtual "mic drop".

Found on our sister site Gun Debate we thought you might like to find them here as well, for quick reference. Feel free to share these unique advocacy projects today.

RCMP reinterpret 10/22 25 round mags

True Story of Gun Laws Keeping Us Safe

Gun Owners Block Tighter Regulations

Who Has Guns in Canada and Where Did They Get Them?

Does Canada Have a Gun Problem?


Magazine Capacity

Ban the AR-15

Gun Control-Get Informed

Ban all Guns

Documentation and back up information for all these videos is located at Gun Debate

Join the movement, take a stand and be proud to bring education and rational discussion to the debate about guns in Canada.

To support this project, and other CCFR initiatives visit us here: Join the Fight, Support the CCFR

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