CFAC members should have basic topic knowledge-Rempel petition

May 18, 2017

CFAC members should have basic topic knowledge-Rempel petition

Ottawa, May 18 2017

MP Michelle Rempel sponsored a parliamentary e-petition yesterday, asking the Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness to have sitting members of the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee (CFAC) to take the Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC).

The petition, initiated by Tracey Wilson of the CCFR, states the following:

"We, the undersigned, residents of Canada draw the attention of the House to the following: That given that the Minister of Public Safety’s unelected Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee will shape the future of firearm regulation in our country, its members must adequately understand and represent the very people affected by its recommendations, being Canada’s shooting community. Therefore, your petitioners, call upon the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to require individuals appointed to the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee to have earned their Possession and Acquisition License (PAL), without which they lack a baseline understanding of the activities they are tasked with regulating."

A basic knowledge and understanding of the topics they are tasked with advising on seems not only reasonable, but necessary considering millions of Canadians will be affected by their findings.

The petition will run for 120 days and will close on September 14, 2017.

Both Rempel and Wilson hope Canadians, both gun owning and non, sign the petition to send the message that government appointed committees need to have some basic knowledge in order to advise on certain topics. "I think the committee would benefit greatly from the basics covered in the course" said Wilson. "I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable advising on issues that I am not well versed in. We can provide the course to committee members and offer ourselves as a resource".

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