City Council Resource - No Gun Ban Motion

March 17, 2021

City Council Resource - No Gun Ban Motion

The Federal government recently tabled Bill C-21, An Act to amend certain Acts and to make certain consequential amendments (firearms).


Within C-21, is a proposed measure that would allow municipalities to ban handguns from legal owners within their jurisdiction: 

(d) require that the holders of a licence authorizing the possession of a handgun comply with the requirements and prohibitions relating to the storage and transporting of handguns within a municipality in which a by-law establishing those requirements and prohibitions is in force if the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness is notified of the by-law in the prescribed manner, and provide for exceptions to that requirement;
(e) require that the Commissioner of Firearms maintain a publicly available list of the municipalities in which such requirements and prohibitions apply;

As you can see, this would actually be a bylaw regarding the possession, storage and transportation of legal handguns within a municipality, attached as a condition to a legal owners license, meaning, it would ONLY apply to legal, licensed handgun owners. Unlicensed criminals would literally be exempt.

As you can imagine, city and town councilors from across the country completely oppose this arbitrary punishment of legal owners, rather than targeting the violent criminals plaguing our streets. It is because of this reaction that we have consulted with municipal government experts to draft a "template" for a motion for a resolution to preemptively oppose this.

Council people may download the template HERE: Notice of Motion - template (handgun ban)

It is un-branded and in Word Doc format so council and their staff may use it, fill it in, or customize it to their needs without difficulty.

Anyone looking for additional help, or for someone to speak in an official capacity to your local council, please reach out at 

We are here to help. 

Gun owners - feel free to send this link to your local councilor and ask them if they'll do the right thing and stand up for law abiding owners, while at the same time, focusing their attention and resources on preventing actual crime and violence.

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