Culture War - The Gun Culture in Canada

September 3, 2019

Culture War - The Gun Culture in Canada

From the brilliant mind of Bryan Moir …

Culture War –The Gun Culture

Everyday Canadians go about their lives unaware that many of their co-workers, friends and people they see at the mall or at the doctor are members of the gun culture.

Firearms owners come in all colours, shapes and sizes. Many are male, some are female. You may catch a glimpse of a member if you recognize one of the “secret logos” that adorn t-shirts, ball caps or bumper stickers.

Firearms owners go about their lives engaging in a wide variety of activities that contribute to the enrichment and perpetuation of their culture. With over 2 million licensed owners (and another 1-2 million trained non-licensed firearms enthusiasts) the firearms culture represents almost 10% of the Canadian population.

So why is our vibrant culture not seen or showcased in the mainstream media (MSM)? We see countless stories about ethnic and visible cultures on the CBC all the time. Why is it that we seldom see stories about a culture that represents a significant chunk of the population?

I believe that anti-gun politicians and the MSM have determined that private firearms ownership does not fit with their vision of a modern Canadian Society. We have been assessed and deemed wanting in this politically correct society.

If firearms owners were an ethnic group we would be the 6th largest in the country; just slightly behind the Irish (4.3 million) and little bit ahead of the Germans (3.1million) according to Stats Canada.

Like other ethnic groups we too have our festivals and education system – we call them gun shows and clinics.
Our culture loves to celebrate is diversity through festivals…err gun shows. There is a gun show held almost every weekend somewhere in Canada.

Our culture even has its own education system as well. The PAL/RPAL, hunter safety, Black Badge are run by a dedicated and experienced group of instructors.

For those diehards there are clinics where you can have former high school teachers regale you in the fine art of tuning an M14 or how to build a flintlock long rifle from scratch.

There are clinics for ARs, 700s, 870s,Glocks, 1911s, barrel building, parts forging, range safety, and the list goes on. You name it, there is a clinic for it.

The gun culture enriches the Canadian social and economic fabric through the valuable contribution made by hunters. Not only do they perpetuate and pass down to future generations our hunting traditions, they also play a critical role in wildlife conservation and are responsible for stimulating billions of dollars in major economic activity across the country.

Does a group of our size and cultural contribution deserve a little more attention than what we are currently being accorded? You bet we do!

While we may blend seamlessly with the population, we play a large role in the essence of what it means to be Canadian. To paraphrase Rodney Dangerfield, we don’t get the respect and attention we deserve.

Demand more! Be visible!

*Bryan Moir is a lifetime CCFR member and a veteran advocate for firearm rights in Canada


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