Policy Memorandum


Concealed or Open Carrying of Firearms

Policy Memorandum No.:


Last Reviewed:

16 July 2019


The CCFR believes that concealed carrying of firearms by properly trained, screened, and licenced individuals is a significant benefit to society.

Rationale and Discussion:

Training for authorizations to carry ought to include the following topics, over and above what is taught to obtain a possession and acquisition licence: the law of self-defence and defence of property, the obligation to use safe avenues of retreat, the use of force triangle, shoot/no-shoot judgment training, accuracy and marksmanship. The standard of training should be at least equivalent to that undergone by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other police forces or armed security personnel.

The screening for an authorization to carry should be stricter than the screening for a possession and acquisition licence, but the authorization should be “shall issue” unless the government can provide specific and legitimate reasons to deny the authorization. Any denial or imposition of conditions on the authorization should be reviewable by a Court.

Authorizations to carry should be valid for 5 years, subject to a yearly demonstration of proficiency, and should provide the user the option to carry openly or concealed. Those who choose to carry firearms can be trusted to exercise proper discretion as to when to carry openly or concealed (e.g. open carry is suitable in the bush, as a defence against bears and other predators, while concealed carry is suitable to a populated area).