Growth and change at the CCFR

April 17, 2017

Growth and change at the CCFR

-Ottawa, April 17, 2017

The CCFR is growing!

As we approach our second AGM, we continue to see an ever-increasing interest in our unique approach to education based advocacy.  From our beginnings a short while ago, our volunteer-driven group has expanded by leaps and bounds – involving thousands of members and dozens of committed volunteers that work every day to further the cause of the rights of law abiding gun owners. 

 Hand in hand with the growth of our membership and volunteer base has been the growth and maturation of our influence.  Over the past months, the CCFR has demonstrated itself to be the preeminent firearms rights group in Canada, as evidenced by not only an unparalleled level of access to elected officials of all stripes but also a strong and transparent commitment to reporting these interactions to its membership.

 This level of growth, while indicative of the CCFR's effectiveness, has also presented some challenges at the operational level.  Put simply, we are growing so fast that our model was fast becoming unsustainable on a strictly volunteer-driven basis; in short, the day to day operations of the CCFR and the promotion of our public face had become a full time job.

 In recognition of this, and to continue to be able to maintain and expand our influence, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Tracey Wilson to the position of VP of Public Relations.   In this position, Tracey will continue the work she has been doing in the past – only on a paid, full time basis under the direction of the Board.

 Aside from the day to day administration and promotion of the CCFR's mandate through public outreach, a key component of this role will be a continuance of Tracey's hugely successful campaign of meeting and developing relationships with elected officials.  As evidenced by the CCFR's recent report card campaign with the CPC leadership candidates, to use but one example, we have established an enviable track record of access and influence in a very short time.

 In order for Tracey to continue this important work as a paid employee, she has had to register as a lobbyist as per the provisions of the Lobbying Act.   While this transition is primarily one of administrative compliance, it does provide a direct means of not only transparently tracking – through the mandatory, posted reporting of contact with elected officials – our engagements, but also comparing and contrasting their frequency with others who seek to influence firearms policy. 

 The CCFR's success will always be the result of its volunteer base, and we are very pleased to welcome Tracey in this new role so as to better facilitate and assist the work our volunteers do as our organization continues to grow and promote our mandate of educated-based advocacy. The CCFR looks forward to filling the vacancy she leaves as an Ontario director at the upcoming AGM.

Read Tracey's lobby records here: Wilson, Lobby Canada


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