Gun Bans could make for easy distraction for sinking Liberals

March 22, 2019

Gun Bans could make for easy distraction for sinking Liberals

Things here in Ottawa have been anything but boring as of late …

With the Liberal party, and more directly it's leader Justin Trudeau, embroiled in a very public scandal over the SNC Lavalin affair and the constant shuffling of cabinet due to a stream of resignations, the party is desperate to change the channel. High profile Liberal Ministers and officials publicly slamming the PM for his alleged interference in a corruption investigation of a well connected Quebec engineering and construction firm could very well cost the Liberals the chance at a second term, or at minimum, the loss of a powerful majority government.

Desperation has sunk in and there is one thing Liberal governments can always count on to take the spotlight off their failures - gun control. Minister Bill Blair has been in the hot seat, with added pressure after the tragic events we saw unfold at the mosque in New Zealand. Anti-gun lobbyists, armed with their legion of lobby doctors have wasted no time politicising this tragedy across the planet to forward their agenda.

In Senate committee this week, Senator Marilou McPhedran asked Minister Goodale to amend C-71 to include handguns in the prohibited classification. She went so far as to comment on how "time was running out" for their term as sitting government to get this kind of radical gun control measures in place. Minister Goodale informed McPhedran that was too far outside the scope of the bill, but eluded to the long awaited recommendations coming forth from Bill Blair's "invite only public consultations" included in the examination of a national handgun and "assault rifle" ban.

Legal Canadian firearms owners once again anxiously wait to see how much punishment this government will wield at them for political gain. Gun owners, who have done nothing to warrant such an attack. It's a difficult position to be in - the low-hanging fruit to a desperate, deteriorating government, one that needs the public to focus on something other than the dumpster fire currently raging on parliament hill.

And so here we are … 9 months out from the scheduled federal election, watching a flailing government target Canada's most law abiding, vetted citizens while leaving violent criminals unchecked. Why? - votes, power.

There is something you can do;

  1. Write letters. I know, it feels like beating a dead horse, but it works. Write your MP. Write Minister Goodale. Write Bill Blair. Write Senator McPhedran. Write Senator Andre Pratte.
  2. Share the content. Informing an uneducated public is the most important thing we can do. Canadians know these measures won't have an impact on crime and violence, sometimes they just need to be reminded.
  3.  Join the Fight 

Stay tuned to the CCFR for everything guns in Canada!

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