Is CBC and Poly colluding?

April 24, 2024

Is CBC and Poly colluding?

In a bizarre series of events on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, an old news piece on the buyback confiscation program was resurrected and manipulated by notorious anti gun lobby group, PolySeSouvient.

Back in 2022, 2 years after the Liberals massive, sweeping OIC gun ban, the Liberals were plagued with a variety of federally, provincially and privately mandated organizations refusing to carry out their dirty work of confiscating legally acquired guns from licensed owners.

On that list were a variety of entities; Canada Post, the CAF, RCMP, provincial police forces, the provinces, local law enforcement and so on. The absurdity of expecting letter carriers or mail truck drivers to carry out the confiscations was mocked by Conservative MP Raquel Dancho in the House of Commons, written about by Ottawa National Post reporter Bryan Passifume and tweeted about by all the usual suspects, myself included, as far back as July, 2022. It was common knowledge.

And then today, almost 2 years later, the Liberal cabinet "leaked" a letter from Canada Post declining to help them with confiscations (again, something we all already knew), to the CBC. A full day of media rollouts ensued, complete with TV interviews with an outraged spokesperson from PolySeSouvient, as if they didn't already know this information years ago.

Other media outlets began to pick the story up and then the tweets from Poly began ... a string of long, rambling, hysterical outbursts, tagging Canada Post Corp and the Ministers responsible for the file. Poly shook their virtual finger at Jean Yves Duclos and Dominic Leblanc (both of which I'm sure are quite fed up with the endless dramatics).

But what's even more ironic about the timing of all this "2 years too late" outrage, is that PolySeSouvient managed to not only do media on all this today, but come out with a fully translated, multi-page press release, in multiple formats, complete with links and a 6 page support document ... all at the same time a letter was "leaked" to the CBC, who managed to organize in-studio interviews for their spokesperson. Just an incredible coincidence.

Read their press release, sent to the entire press gallery:

You may notice that within that press release dated April 23, they include a link to another document they claim is proof of harrassment of employees of other companies interested in working on the "buyback" confiscation program ... it's dated April 18, 2024 ... a full 6 days before CBC went public with the "new again" story.

Is CBC, the Liberals and PolySeSouvient coordinating these outbursts? No wonder trust in media is low ... I sense a bit of panic in all of them. Maybe it's all just a coincidence. Right?

It seems like they were told to prepare something ... but by whom? This appears to be a coordinated effort.

In any event, the notion of expecting Canada Post employees to carry out a national firearm confiscation program of over a half million rifles isn't the dumbest idea we've heard, but it's close. A question comes to mind, has any country ever carried out firearm confiscations by mail service? We don't know. This idea seems as simple minded as it is dangerous.

If this did proceed as PolySeSouvient and Bill Blair have demanded, what risks could Canada Post and every day Canadians be exposed to? While it's true that Canada Post delivers firearms, the volume of guns would be unprecedented. This number of firearms would be accompanied by the national common knowledge that there are hundreds of thousands of mag-fed, semi auto firearms just floating around in the mail system. This would represent an opportunity for even the least enterprising criminal to keep an eye out for Canadians shipping unknown quantities of obvious long, slender boxes. What if a Canada Post truck full of guns made their way into the hands of violent criminals (who would absolutely be looking for them) and ended up costing lives? Even worse, what if a Canada Post employee(s) was killed in a heist for their cargo?

This confiscation method would amount to the largest diversion opportunity criminals in Canada have ever had.

Anti gun groups like Poly, the Spin Docs and the Liberal government's ambition to just get their "win" here, is it really worth the risk? Who's going to end up paying the ultimate price for this lazy, desperate, dangerous idea should they proceed?

The CCFR's position remains unchanged - the efforts and resources wasted on chasing around licensed, RCMP vetted gun owners and their legal guns would be better spent targeting actual crime, violence and gun smuggling.

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