Liberals eye PEI gunnies as "easy target"

January 10, 2023

Liberals eye PEI gunnies as "easy target"

Thanks to an ATIP (Access to Information) request from Blacklock's Reporter, Canadians have learned a few things about the Liberals plans, or lack thereof, to confiscate our legally acquired property.

Cabinet this year proposes to launch its long-promised national buyback of prohibited firearms starting in Prince Edward Island, according to a federal memo. (page 22)

Islanders own few guns and represent a low “risk assessment” before RCMP expand the program nationwide, it said.

“Prince Edward Island will be used as a pilot and will be the first point of collection based on the smaller number of firearms,” said an August 31 Transition Book for the Minister of Public Works. “As a result of lessons learned, gaps analysis and risk assessment would inform the second phase national rollout.”

“Phase two, the national rollout, is planned for spring 2023 once an information technology case management system is in full place,” said the memo. The department acknowledged “very limited interest from the industry” in supporting the buyback program first proposed three years ago. ~ From Blacklock's Reporter

Alberta Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Tyler Shandro came out swinging (so to speak) about the Liberals mismanagement and continued assault on licensed gun owners. In a tweet on January 10, 2023 Shandro blasted federal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino in an official statement (below).

Mendicino seems to be running out of options and is threatening to order the RCMP to begin confiscations in PEI, a peaceful eastern island province. They plan to stumble through the process there using a "trial and error" system that they'll take lessons from as they move across the country on the national gun grab.

This writer has said it many times, I don't see how this program and it's logistics is even possible ... it's a massive, complex task; confiscating over a half million guns, likely far more, from hundreds of thousands of Canadians they have no idea who has what, over a country of over 10M square kilometres. I'd place a bet this whole thing will get shelved and dragged out again as an election promise should we head to the polls in 2023, which is highly likely.

Stay tuned to the CCFR as we lead the fight against all this nonsense. You can learn about our federal court challenge HERE

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