Liberals put an $800 price tag on your legal rifles

September 29, 2019

Liberals put an $800 price tag on your legal rifles

In a Facebook live video, The CCFR's Tracey Wilson unpacks the Liberal's plan to confiscate and buy back a quarter of a million legally acquired rifles at a mere $800 a piece.

Watch the Video:

In an earlier interview, Minister of Organized Crime and Border Security Bill Blair said if re-elected, the Liberal government would confiscate 250 000 rifles from law abiding Canadians using a buy back program.

In the Liberal platform released today, along with the costing of their programs, putting Canada into a whopping $94B deficit, on page 82 there lies a line item identifying the funding allotted to "tackling gun crime" we see an initial investment of $250M followed by annual amounts of $50M.

Why the initial investment of the extra $200M?

That's the cost of their buy back program.

If there are 250 000 rifles to confiscate from good hard working Canadians, and $200M to split among them, that's an estimate of $800 per rifle.

Hardly a "fair market" price for rifles that always end up in the thousands of dollars.


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Not to mention this is YOUR tax dollars they are going to use to do it … tax dollars that could have gone towards combatting actual crime.

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