Liberals reintroduce registry, C71 measures

May 11, 2022

Liberals reintroduce registry, C71 measures

Canadians are once again subjected to expensive and ineffective measures to further regulate licensed, legal gun owners, while the Liberal government turns a blind eye to the very real and increasing street crime being committed by criminals with illicitly smuggled guns.

Since the election campaign back in 2015 (page 54 of the pdf), the Trudeau Liberals have vowed not to reintroduce a long gun registry due to the massive expense and its failure to prevent or solve a single violent crime. Today they broke that promise by re-introducing a registration process for sales of legal firearms and a requirement of gun stores to retain records for two decades. Not only are these measures ineffective at reducing crime, they put licensed gun owners in direct danger due to the sharing of their private information. This reckless policy will undoubtedly lead to an increase in fraud, break ins and thefts.

The Liberals have gone a step further by allowing law enforcement the ability to determine their own “reasonable circumstances” to access these highly sensitive and personal records. There will be no warrant needed.

More than 80% of crime guns in Canada are illegally smuggled across the border using a variety of methods including rail, shipping and individual smuggling operations, most recently using drones. Law enforcement, CBSA and experts from across the country have repeatedly asked for resources to curb the smuggling of illicit firearms that directly fuel the violence we see in cities and towns from coast to coast, and yet this unconscionable, hyper-political Liberal government continues to use legal gun owners and their firearms as a wedge to divide Canadians.

In Mendicino’s statement, he makes several false statements and protests those who would call the Liberals latest regulation a “registry”. He does this while describing an obvious registry run by a Registrar.

Mendicino also welcomed the leaders of all the anti gun lobby groups to attend this announcement and thanked them for their work in helping to further regulate legal gun owners.

Canadians know, and the evidence is clear, registries, gun bans and record keeping does not reduce crime and violence. We need real solutions in our communities and this government refuses to act.

You can count on the CCFR to continue to oppose these useless and dangerous policies while demanding credible action to reduce violence and illicit smuggling.

Canadians deserve better.

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