Mandate Letter from PM - continue the assault on gun owners

December 16, 2021

Mandate Letter from PM - continue the assault on gun owners

87 days after the election, the Prime Minister has delivered marching orders to new Public Safety Minister Marco Mendocino. Those orders - continue the assault on licensed Canadian gun owners - show no mercy!!

In all seriousness, the mandate letter is a mish-mash of finishing Blair's dirty work, gun confiscations against legal gun owners and a bunch of scary sounding promises that actually already exist.

You can read it for yourself HERE

We'll give you the Cole's notes below ... here's what they've got in store for Canada's most vetted citizens;

  • Finish implementing C71, Blair's mess
  • Carry out the confiscation of legal guns banned under the May 1 2020 OIC - fight that HERE
  • Limit magazines to 5 round (already the law in Canada), but they want more than the pinning of mags
  • Ban the sale of mags that can hold more than 5 rounds, even if pinned to 5
  • Give the provinces ONE BILLION DOLLARS to ban legal handguns in their jurisdictions
  • Introduce "red flag laws" - already in Canadian law

So, as you can see, the Liberal focus will be on the continued punishment of Canadian gun owners who are already complying with every law, regardless of how ridiculous they are.

As always, you can count on the CCFR to be at the forefront, fighting to preserve your rights, your sport and your lifestyle, while also holding the government to account for their failure to address actual crime and violence. In fact, this government has also introduced C-5, a bill to remove the mandatory minimum penalties for some very serious gun crimes.

This isn't a serious government.

Help the CCFR to continue this fight - RIGHT NOW

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