Mayor Tory's "handgun ban" shot down by Municipalities

November 22, 2018

Mayor Tory's "handgun ban" shot down by Municipalities

The tragic shooting on the Danforth this summer was the climax for the gun debate in Canada. A violent, mass shooting, committed by an unlicensed criminal, with a firearm he illegally obtained through his brother's gang connection, has somehow become the pivotal point where virtue signalling politicians like John Tory demand bans on law abiding gun owners.

It sounds ridiculous doesn't it. Literally punishing the very people NOT committing the crime while completely ignoring the facts - the ones staring you directly in the face. We have a gang problem. Well, Mayor Tory doesn't disappoint as he climbs on his soapbox, on the backs of victims, to push forward his erroneous position on gun control.

It didn't take the Mayor long to be called out for his fear mongering, or the fact he consistently spouts false data - data that has been debunked through a series of ATIP's filed by ex-RCMP turned researcher Dennis Young.

The Mayor needs back up.

And so he calls on every municipality in Ontario to back his outlandish call for a ban on handgun ownership by Canadian sport shooters, a demand he has taken all the way to the federal government.

Mayor Tory sent a request out across the province on August 1, 2018, looking for someone-anyone to back his play. Some, no doubt, will be led down the path by the dramatic and outspoken Tory, but many have done some critical thinking, recognizing that a ban on legal sport shooters will have no impact on the rising gang violence problem his city is plagued with. A problem that John Tory has failed to tackle.

The Town of Hearst, Ontario replied to Mayor Tory's request by way of a council resolution (pictured above), denying the Mayor the support he is looking for to punish legal gun owners. Instead, the council of the Town of Hearst is completely against such a ban, and recognizes the obvious - that it will have no impact on crime and street violence.

They forwarded a copy of the resolution to the CCFR office, the Minister of Justice of Ontario- Caroline Mulroney, and the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

We applaud the Town of Hearst for taking a stand against the Mayor, and support their position that a ban would have no effect on gang violence and crime.

Tick-tock Mayor Tory - the entire province is watching, waiting for you to do something credible about the violence in your city. The cost for ignoring the actual problem is real, and it's in human lives.

If you are on a council of an Ontario municipality we would like to hear from you about how your town feels on this issue. Please send us your response at

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