UPDATED! Sweeping gun bans? Political diversion tactic or truth

May 10, 2019

UPDATED! Sweeping gun bans? Political diversion tactic or truth

In Question Period on Thursday May 9, 2019 MP Tony Clement posed a question to the Trudeau government, stating that a "source" informed him that the Prime Minister is planning to announce a sweeping gun ban in June when he attends the "Women Deliver Conference" in BC. Clement claims this would be delivered by an OIC (Order in Council) not by legislation that would be debated and studied. Basically, forced.

This event boasts a panel of celebrity feminists, Planned Parenthood spokesmen, reps from the #MeToo movement and of course, the self proclaimed feminist himself, Justin Trudeau, along with his wife, Sophie.

A room full of leftists and radical feminists does appear to be the perfect venue to launch a full-scale attack on Canada's most vetted, trusted citizens.

And don't forget this all comes on the heels of a series of very serious scandals for the troubled Prime Minister; SNC Lavalin, Vice Admiral Mark Norman. Toss that all in with an entire country upset over rising costs due to the carbon tax scam and the outrageous and uncontrolled spending of the Liberals and it's quite clear … a diversion is needed.

Now, the PM was absent from QP, as he has been most of the week since he dropped the charges against Norman in attempt to quiet this latest scandal, but Minister of Border Security & Organized Crime Bill Blair responded in his place.

Watch the Video: https://www.facebook.com/tonyclementpsm/videos/362176877975151/

Now, Tony didn't specify which guns would be included in this supposed ban, but Blair delivered the standard canned response he always does when he addresses questions surrounding a ban on handguns.

We also don't know the credibility of Clement's source, but we must never assume the Liberal government would treat gun owners fairly. They won't, and they haven't.

My thoughts on this are simple … I hope Clement is wrong, and I wonder how credible the source is, but I also know this government is desperate to change the channel on their growing list of failures, scandals and scams. Their numbers in the polls are dropping to record lows, they are experiencing massive pressure from a well-funded anti gun lobby group using a small group of health care professionals to carry their message, and we are less than 6 months from an election … one that is shaping up to make Trudeau a one-term PM.

We are an easy target for a desperate, failed government.

Buckle up gun owners, this one's going to be rough. The CCFR has entered into strategic planning sessions to determine the best course of action in the event this rumour proves true.


Edit: this story originally stated that New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was slated to attend the BC women's event. This has since been determined to be false


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