Rathjen admits - she wants all the handguns

December 14, 2018

Rathjen admits - she wants all the handguns

In a bizarre statement to Hill Times reporter Tim Naumetz, Polysesouvient spokesperson Heidi Rathjen openly admits the goal of her organization is to end all civilian handgun ownership, not to target criminal use.


She was responding to a statement by the Prime Minister in Montreal last week. When the PM said he wanted to "limit the easy access that remains for criminals with handguns and assault weapons", Trudeau hinted that an all-out ban is likely not in the cards, not before the election anyways. This doesn't sit well with the anti-gun lobbyist. Her goal is a complete end to sport shooting with handguns by Canadians.

"Saying you don't want criminals to have handguns or assault weapons isn't saying much. The point is we don't want any Canadians to have handguns and assault weapons" ~Heidi Rathjen

I wonder what our Olympic team would think about that. Olympic shooter Lynda Kiejko co-chairs the government's own appointed panel, CFAC (Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee), with Nathalie Provost another Polysesouvient anti gun activist.

The group, infamous for holding up photos of guns that they deem "scary" based on appearances is constantly a source of eye rolls, as their complete lack of firearms knowledge often leads to hundreds of comments and replies to articles and social media posts. They take no responsibility for their careless actions, as long as it helps their end goal of getting your guns.

Assault weapons have been banned in Canada since the 1970's.

With cities like Toronto and Ottawa seeing record numbers of violent crimes and shooting deaths, the focus should be on criminals and the rising gang problem - Canadians know this.

The continued focus on legal gun owners detracts attention and resources away from this work, resulting in mounting victims, and devastated families, all with the support of Polysesouvient and the Coalition for Gun Control. Both organizations presenting themselves as survivor or victims groups, under the guise of wanting an end to violence. But after the comments by Rathjen, it is painfully clear their sole focus is on Canada's most vetted citizens … legal gun owners.

Rathjen was responding to their failed attempt to wage war on hunters and target shooters with a social media hashtag, "TriggerChange". The anti gun lobbyists' failed campaign is a result of a counter attack by gun owners, sick of the constant demonization of our sport, and led by the CCFR. Read the story here

Rod Giltaca, CCFR CEO & Executive Director was quoted in Naumetz's story saying "gun owners are sick of the constant attacks. They just want to stand up for themselves and they're sick of the demonization".

It appears there is no end to the war waged on us by these demagogues, they are steadfast in their commitment to killing our sport, and will use countless numbers of victims to make that point.

Imagine the progress that could be made in our society if all sides of this emotional debate wanted the same thing?

An end to the violence, reduced or eliminated gang violence and crime.

Well, they don't. Polysesouvient is only concerned with your guns.

It's time to #TriggerChange

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