Too Much Truth? Gun Ban Canada Exposed Episode 3

December 2, 2020

Too Much Truth? Gun Ban Canada Exposed Episode 3

Too Much Truth? Gun Ban Canada Exposed Episode 3

The CCFR and WildTV are premiering Episode 3 of our television show "Gun Ban Canada - Exposed" tonight. The episode will be available on our YouTube Channel tomorrow for free viewing and sharing.

This is a special episode because we keep hearing that "more guns equals more death". It's one of the foundational slogans of antigun groups but more importantly antigun activist doctors. These doctors have a professional duty to be honest and provide the public with true information. For them to provide false information on gun control, it would undermine the medical advice they provide to their patients.  This could have serious consequences concerning the physical and mental health of Canadians.

So, has this group mislead Canadians with their claims? Check out this episode along with episodes 1 & 2 on the CCFR YouTube channel here: CCFR Channel - YouTube

Please recommend these episodes and share them everywhere you can. 

During this episode we mention our report "Intellectual Malpractice", find it here: Intellectual Malpractice -

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