An Open Letter to the NFA - June 5, 2019

June 5, 2019

An Open Letter to the NFA - June 5, 2019

The National Firearms Association sent a letter containing the following verbiage, to the CCFR on April 2, 2019. The NFA claims that the CCFR’s logo is a damaging infringement upon their “No Compromise” logo. The NFA’s letter demanded the following:


  1. That you immediately cease and desist from offering for sale, and/or allowing a third party to offer for sale. Through any means, any items that feature, in whole or in part, the Infringing Logo (“Infringing Merchandise”);

2. That you provide the undersigned, within 10 days of your receipt of this letter, with an accounting of all sales of Infringing Merchandise, since the first day that any such merchandise has been offered for sale.

3. That you disgorge in favor of the NFA, within 10 days, any and all gross profits derived from the sale of the Infringing Merchandise. Please make the cheque payable to the undersigned “in trust”;

4. That you turn over the NFA, within 10 days, all remaining Infringing Merchandise in your possession or under your control and certify in writing that none remains, that you will not fulfill additional orders, that no third party has been licensed to do so, and that all templates, screens, and other tools dedicated to the production of Infringing Merchandise have been destroyed;

5. That you immediately cease and desist from any use of the Infringing Logo (or derivative work plagiarizing the NFA’s own logo) on any posters, signs, or in any publications, broadcasts or other communications. The forgoing includes and is meant to encompass reruns of existing CCFR ads and/or previously broadcasted shows, unless all infringing materials have been previously edited.

Please be advised that failure, in whole or in part, to comply with any of those demands in a timely manner with result in legal action against the CCFR for intellectual property infringement without notice or delay.

Read the whole letter: NFA Ltr to Rod Giltaca (CCFR)

Although we were shocked that NFA would divert its resources away from fighting potential gun bans and Bill C-71 in favour of fighting with another organization, the CCFR immediately disputed this claim. The NFA’s claim is baseless and will be expensive and unsuccessful. As it stands today, both organizations are obligated to participate in a lengthy court battle over a logo dispute. The CCFR did not initiate this dispute nor do we think it a benefit to gun owners. We invite the NFA to agree that there are no violations as alleged in their April 2, 2019 letter, and end this pointless dispute.

Rod M. Giltaca
CEO & Executive Director
Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights / Coalition canadienne pour les droits aux armes à feu
P.O. Box 91572 RPO Mer Bleu / C.P. 91572 CSP Mer Bleu
Orleans, Ontario K1W 0A6 / Orléans (Ontario) K1W 0A6

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